American Urological Association Foundation (AUAF) and the National Football League (NFL) Take to the Road for the Third-Year to Drive Prostate Health Awareness Across the Nation

October 14, 2011, Baltimore, MD /PRNewswire/ — With the kick-off of pro football season and September marking National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the American Urological Association (AUA) Foundation and the National Football League (NFL) have teamed up for a third year to educate men about prostate health and encourage them to join the “Know Your Stats” campaign. With the support of an increasing number of NFL greats and prostate cancer survivors, the national campaign is focused on turning awareness into action by encouraging men to know their risks and get tested.

Cancer survivor and pro football Hall of Fame member, Mike Haynes is continuing his partnership with AUA Foundation to help save lives, and drive the message of prostate health awareness on the local level with more than 500 participating hospitals across the nation. “As a cancer survivor, I’m lucky to be able to spread the message with the AUA Foundation and NFL encouraging other men to take charge of their prostate health and to stay in the game for life,” explained Mike Haynes. “We’re calling on all men to play defense with their health and to start the discussion with their doctor today.”

The statistics are startling – one in six men will be diagnosed in his lifetime1 and more than 240,000 U.S. men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 20112. African American men are more than twice as likely to die of prostate cancer3 and men with a family history are at a higher risk for developing the disease4.

“By bringing this national men’s health issue to local communities, it is our hope to highlight the need for greater prostate health risk assessment,” explained Sandra Vasssos, Executive Director of the AUA Foundation. “It is critical that men take charge of their prostate health as it is the second leading cause of cancer death among men in the U.S.”

If you’re 40 or older, the AUA recommends that men talk with their doctors about prostate health. Prostate cancer is most treatable when caught early and not every treatment is recommended for every individual.

As a former pro football player who was fit and healthy, being diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disease was the last thing on Haynes’ mind. Haynes benefited from early detection due to a joint NFL Player Care Foundation and AUA Foundation screening that diagnosed him with prostate cancer.

Haynes continues to be a champion and lead the charge for the “Know Your Stats about Prostate Cancer®” campaign and to recruit other pro football legends, or “Team Haynes” members, to join the effort. New pro football legends joining “Team Haynes” this year include Tony Dorsett, Dan Marino, Michael Irvin and Steve Young. In addition, the NFL and AUA Foundation will also debut new public service announcements that will air across the nation this fall and urge men to know their risk of prostate cancer.

The AUA Foundation and the NFL have built upon a relationship that started in 2007 when the NFL began implementing prostate cancer screenings for retired players conducted by the AUA Foundation. Together, they encourage all men and their loved ones to visit for information about prostate cancer.


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