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Guidestone™ provides positive direction and hope based on a strong foundation

Cleveland, Ohio — March 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In order to reflect its evolution and encourage future growth, Berea Children’s Home and Family Services announces the rebranding of the organization as Guidestone™, solutions for children, families and communities.

The rebranding to Guidestone showcases the organization’s progression over time—both in the way clients are served, as well as the expansion of programs and services offered. Over the course of its almost 150-year legacy, the scope and types of treatment have broadened. When Berea Children’s Home and Family Services adopted its current name in 1980, the organization’s brand identity was truly reflective of the services it provided – residential services. But over the past 30 years, it has progressed into a much larger, more diverse organization that serves a larger population. Today, the majority of business is in community-based services with geographic reach extending well beyond Cuyahoga County across Northeast Ohio and down to Columbus, Ohio.

As a non-profit organization that is solutions-focused, provides direction and inspiration to children, families and communities, and to help them become stronger, the name Guidestone was agreed upon and selected by both organizational leadership and its board of directors.

“We chose Guidestone because we believe that it best represents who we are as an organization, what we do and our mission,” said Rich Frank, Guidestone CEO. “The word “guide” implies leadership and means something or someone that leads others in the right direction or advises and counsels. Stone represents those things that are solid, long lasting and foundational. Therefore, Guidestone means providing positive direction and hope based on a strong foundation.”

Guidestone’s vision and mission remains identical to Berea Children’s Home and Family Services. Therefore, Guidestone ensures its employees, clients, and all stakeholders, that the rebranding will not have an impact on its programs or services. The organization remains committed to creating strong communities where future generations are educated, self-reliant, and fulfilled, and focuses its mission to help children and families reach their potential and become contributing members of a strong community.

“The new Guidestone brand identity helps distinguish our residential treatment programs from our non-residential programs and services, overcomes the perception that we’re only located in Berea, creates greater clarity about what programs and services we provide and streamlines the process of entering new geographic locations,” said David Zentkovich, Guidestone chairman, board of directors.

All organization departments and support services will fall under the Guidestone name. Other programming and services, including all home and community based programs, foster care, parenting and family skills, workforce development and Central Ohio programming will also be branded as Guidestone services. The residential treatment campus, a location of Guidestone, will be known as Berea Children’s Home. In addition, affiliate organizations such as Seeds of Literacy, Family Life Child Care Centers, Invision Counseling Solutions and the upcoming new charter school, Stepstone, will retain their current names but also be branded as Guidestone organizations.

Frank added, “This change has the potential to grow our organization. Ultimately, it will help us serve more clients and communities better and establish greater overall value for our organization.”

To speak with Rich Frank or Dave Zentkovich and to learn more about Guidestone, please contact 440.260.8392 or visit


About Guidestone
Guidestone is built on a solid foundation of experience and expertise – rooted in faith and a legacy of serving children and families for almost 150 years. Our approach is comprehensive, integrated and aimed at creating long-term solutions. Through our passionate people, who are specifically committed to our values, and through our customizable programs, which are designed to build upon one another so they address every aspect of a person’s needs, we help children, families and communities become stronger.

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