Ex – ABN AMRO CEO Slams Financial Institutions for Losing Touch With Customers

LONDON, 5th September 2012, PRNewswire/ – Robert Lempka, previously CEO of ABN AMRO’s ‘marketindex’ and now Executive Chairman of new financial services player Gekko Global Markets has slammed the financial services industry saying “It has been clear for some time that many banks and other financial institutions have done little but think of themselves, they have lost touch with their customers and they are no longer trusted. At the same time the drive toward ever more stringent regulation will achieve little but drive more and more customers to finding self-directed means of investment”.

In anticipation to these significant market shifts Gekko Global Markets, currently a spread betting and CFD trading company has launched a brand new next generation trading platform. TradeHub®, which is also available on iPhone, uses the very latest HTML5 technology and it has been purposely designed for people who are both new to trading as well as professional traders.

Lempka said “Financial markets in the UK, across Europe and throughout the world are undergoing unprecedented levels of change and Gekko is creating and seizing upon hi-tech solutions to empower and satisfy the self-directed needs and wants of investors and traders”. He added “TradeHub® brings a whole new experience to people who are thinking about or who already engage in financial spread betting and who use CFDs in managing their investment portfolio. TradeHub® is the most intuitive and easy to use platform in the market and it has been designed to satisfy the needs and wants of our clients”

Gekko’s new platform gives clients the option of committing 100% to a spread bet effectively creating the equivalent to a cash equity investment without any CGT liability and without the need to pay stamp duty. This facility gives traditional cash equity investors much wider investment opportunities than they have now in that they can invest in a range of different asset classes e.g. FTSE100, any number of indices, commodities etc.

Gekko believes that for too long the very best market research has been directed towards institutional investors and in its effort to ‘level the playing field’ Gekko has done an exclusive deal for its clients with Roubini Global Economics (RGE) the independent global economic and market strategy research firm built by renowned economist Prof Nouriel Roubini.

Lempka commented “Clients tell us all the time about how concerned they are with the cost of trading. So, having listened to these concerns, we have looked at the combination of our narrow spreads, competitive funding costs and advantageous rollover costs, we have set out to achieve the lowest costs in the industry. We also pass on 100% of net dividends to our clients – 100% of gross dividend for UK shares, 85% for US shares.”

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Robert Lempka, Executive Chairman
Robert Lempka, Executive Chairman

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