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Robert Mullen PotashCorp's Director of Agronomy
Robert Mullen PotashCorp's Director of Agronomy
Do the Math: Are Farmers Leaving Money in the Fields
Do the Math: Are Farmers Leaving Money in the Fields
ROI Calculator
ROI Calculator
Are you reaping all that you sow?
Are you reaping all that you sow?

PotashCorp Launches eKonomics, Showcases the Business of Crop Nutrition

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (“PotashCorp”) today launched potashcorp-eKonomics.com, a new online resource that delivers easy-to-understand analyses of soil science data, agronomic information, research and best management practices to help farmers achieve greater financial success. As part of a larger campaign, the site aims to educate farmers about the benefits fertilizer – specifically potash – can deliver to their bottom line.

“Not only are farmers around the globe helping to feed a growing population, but they’re also operating a complicated business,” says Stephen Dowdle, President, PCS Sales. “The purpose of eKonomics is to help farmers make better business decisions by giving them access to resources that can assist them in better understanding the return on investment of proper soil fertility.”

For years, most of the agriculture industry’s best research has been difficult to access due to in-depth white papers, academic language and complicated statistics. The eKonomics website is intended to act as an online hub where information is presented in relevant and practical ways, through video, info graphics, tools and articles. As part of the online resource, farmers will have access to interactive soil sample maps that compare potash and phosphate nutrient levels across key areas.

Additional features of potashcorp-eKonomics.com include:

PotashCorp’s Director of Agronomy, Dr. Robert Mullen, along with other industry leaders, will offer insights and advice, highlighting best practices in farm management. In addition, Dr. Mullen will host several events and webinars throughout the year to educate and engage with farmers looking to maximize their return on investment.

“eKonomics is not only about helping farmers grow better crops, it’s about providing farmers with the resources and tools to help grow their business,” says Mullen.

To learn more, visit the eKonomics site at http://www.potashcorp-eKonomics.com and join the discussion on Twitter @eKonomics_PCS.

As the world’s largest crop nutrient company, PotashCorp plays an integral role in global food production. The company produces the three essential nutrients required to help farmers grow healthier, more abundant crops. With global population rising and diets improving in developing countries, crop nutrients such as potash, phosphates and nitrogen offer a responsible and practical solution to help produce the food we need, from the land we have.