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Zellner Senior Health Consulting Appoints Three Key Leaders

St. Paul, Minnesota, October 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Zellner Senior Health Consulting, one of the nation’s leading health care consulting firms, is pleased to announce the addition of three key leaders to the organization. Industry experts, Ann Thole, Mary Mellenbruch, and Teri Violett have recently joined the firm.

Mary Nell Zellner, President/CEO of the practice, announced the recent additions. “Ann Thole has been a proven leader, provider, and strategic planner in the health care industry. She has a deep and diverse skill set plus a keen financial mind.”

“I’m delighted to be a part of the Zellner Senior Health Consulting team,” Thole said. “I’m looking forward to expanding the consulting practice and continuing to grow our presence as a national consulting firm.”

Mary Mellenbruch, RN has served in consulting service roles for over 15 years and has lead large senior care chains in clinical development and infra-structure and development. “Mary’s ability to communicate both the detailed tactical clinical aspects along with high level 10,000 foot level thinking has made her a tremendous asset to clients. She can translate strategy and effectuate improvement with a skilled calm voice,” noted Zellner. Mellenbruch had partnered with Zellner at a prior firm. “She’s a well-known entity to senior care and I have had a well-established partnership with Mary Nell in the past,” said Mellenbruch. “Her company is both client-centered and outcome oriented. The results drive their mission. I look forward to contributing further to the clinical skills and leadership in the organization.”

The third key addition, Teri Violett, RN brings vast depth to the clinical interim leadership services. She has served a multitude of clients in change-agent roles and clinical stabilization to facilities. Zellner stated, “Teri goes beyond the extra mile for clients. I’ve known and partnered with Teri for over ten years and cannot think of a more skilled hands-on clinician. She’s the gold standard.”

“I couldn’t be better suited than to partner with this firm,” Violett concurred. “The team at Zellner Senior Health Consulting has the value system, priority of clients, and stewardship of service-minded experts that perfectly parallels my own. I am excited to work with this group.”

Zellner has lead and managed the firm’s consulting practice, assisting clients over the past 13 years in the senior care consulting space. She is a well known industry leader with a knowledge span that has well-served clients in meeting organizational overall strategic initiatives. With more than 25 years of experience in the senior health care industry, Zellner brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both consulting and management arenas. Zellner started ZSHC in January 2007 and focused upon operational services such as operational start-up, facilitated sales, strategic planning, and business development. Prior to starting Zellner Senior Health Consulting, she was a director of a Midwest-based long-term care consulting and the senior vice president of a consulting and management company.

“I’m thrilled to include this team of industry experts in my organization. They are proven professionals that understand the fast paced moving marketplace of senior care. Their expertise has been pivotal to client success and I see that only expanding by leaps and bounds as they partner together,” Zellner stated.

Having these three accept our offer to oversee our clinical services and strategy of the practice couldn’t be a better fit,” said Zellner. “Their backgrounds, experience, and leadership abilities will provide management and direction-setting for the consulting practice and help us to realize our overall strategic goals.”

About Zellner Senior Health Consulting
Zellner Senior Health Consulting is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. The organization serves the needs of hospitals, health systems, long-term care, and senior living providers across the nation. ZSHC consulting experience includes work with more than 100 multi-state clients.

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Mary Mellenbruch, Consultant, Zellner Senior Health Consulting (RN)
Mary Mellenbruch, Consultant, Zellner Senior Health Consulting (RN)
Ann Thole, Consultant, Zellner Senior Health Consulting (LNHA/Social Worker)
Ann Thole, Consultant, Zellner Senior Health Consulting (LNHA/Social Worker)
Teri Violett, Consultant, Zellner Senior Health Consulting (RN)
Teri Violett, Consultant, Zellner Senior Health Consulting (RN)

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