Wearable and Wireless by 2020

LONDON, 26th September 2013, PRNewswire/- Business and technology goes hand in hand, with the ever changing technology landscape having a significant impact on the way businesses and workers operate. Innovations in the last 10 years have been ground breaking, but there’s even more to come.

As a leading technology organisation, Brother is continuing to push beyond the boundaries of what can and does exist. Over the years the company has developed an array of wireless and wearable products, which have helped shape technology in the workplace.

Wearable technology

With Brother’s AiRScouter head mounted display unit, those that work in industries requiring instructions, product assembly and the picking of parts or products can benefit greatly; as the unit projects images and videos directly from your computer to your line of sight.

This brilliantly designed piece of technology:

The wireless future

It’s not just wearable technology that continues to change the way in which businesses and workers operate.

Phil Jones, Managing Director at Brother UK predicts that by 2020, “more and more people will be working on the move or roam working, so they’ll either use a physical portable printing product, or they’ll be wanting to use cloud based print services”.

Brother continues to prove its status as a market leading and innovative company with their array of portable technologies, which includes label printers, portable printers and portable scanners.

Along with their innovative line of products created for working on the move, Brother continues to make top of the range products for the home and office, including; laser and inkjet printers, A4 and A3 all-in-one printers, labelling machines, mobile printers, scanners and fax machines amongst others.

Notes to editors

Brother UK Ltd. is an innovative and leading technology manufacturer specialising in products for business, and those who work on the move. As a member of the Brother Group of Nagoya, Japan the company has a wide back catalogue of products from printers, to sewing machines and wearable technology.