Wuyuan officials receive warm welcome during visit to South Korea to promote the area’s beautiful scenery

/ PRNewswire / — A delegation led by Fei Changhui, county magistrate of Wuyuan, made a five-day visit to South Korea between 9 and 13 April during which the ten-member delegation, consisting of representatives from Wuyuan Tourism Economic Development Center, Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co., Ltd and Wuyuan Zhu Clansmen Association, hosted events to promote the beautiful scenery of Wuyuan. The events took place in four locations across the country - Seoul, Cheju, Kwangju and Gokseong County - during the friendly exchange visit.
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Representatives from more than 60 tourism service providers and 20 media outlets across South Korea took part in an exclusive promotional event, which was held in Seoul with the aim of showcasing the unique beauty of the Wuyuan area. Officials from the China National Tourist Office in Seoul also attended the event. Fei Changhui presented Wuyuan’s tourism resources and showed a Korean-language video depicting the beauty of Wuyuan. The onsite event went a long way in heightening interest in Wuyuan among South Korean service providers.

The delegation received a warm welcome from the mayor of Gokseong County, Heo Nam Seok, and signed a letter of intent on the establishment of a sister city partnership between China’s Wuyuan and South Korea’s Gokseong County, building a new platform for friendly exchanges and cooperation between Wuyuan and foreign cities.

The delegation also paid a visit to the offices of Hanatour, South Korea’s largest tour operator, where they were given a presentation on the operator’s planning and strategies for promoting Wuyuan’s unique features in 2014 and in upcoming years. The delegation also conducted exchanges on how to best cooperate with Hanatour’s managers and executives. In particular, they discussed issues in relation to inviting descendants of Zhu Xi living in South Korea to visit their ancestral home in Wuyuan.

In just one short month following the promotional events, more than 1,000 visitors from South Korea have already boarded chartered flights to Wuyuan, the business equivalent to a small tour group daily and a large tour group weekly. Wuyuan is expected to meet its goal of doubling foreign visitor arrivals in 2014 ahead of schedule, due to fast growth in visitors from South Korea. Wuyuan has become well known as China’s most beautiful village among South Koreans.