Multimedia & Broadcast PR

Public Service Announcement Bring attention to your cause.

 Our PSA (Public Service Announcement) services give you a start-to-finish result you can be proud to use in building awareness for your campaign or cause. Our skilled team provides professional script-writing, shooting, editing, distribution, and reporting, and includes a Multimedia News Release for enhanced online visibility.

What we do:

  • Consult with you on attention-getting content, then bring that content to life with script-writing, voice-overs, dialogue, and on-screen messaging
  • Shoot footage using professional videographers who can do everything from big-budget shots to more economical techniques
  • Advise you on which stations to run your PSA in order to best reach your target audiences, as well as fulfill distribution of your message to those audiences
  • Provide extensive follow-up with station managers, and track your television and radio air time for you


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