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Gynecologists finally have a tampon they can recommend

Introducing the first and only tampon clinically shown to reduce the usual vaginal pH increase during your period. Traditional tampons simply absorb and retain fluids. Menstrual fluids have a pH higher than normal vaginal pH and tampons retain these fluids inside your body.

RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampons provide excellent absorbency and leak protection like traditional tampons, but they also have pH-reducing Micro-ribbons that reduce the usual vaginal pH increase during your period. A benefit both you and your gynecologist can appreciate.

Lauren Streicher, OB/GYN, "Gynecologists have long been aware of the importance of maintaining a normal pH. This is an excellent improvement to traditional tampons, and many of my patients will benefit from it."

Find this new product available at Walgreens.

RepHresh Brilliant. Feminine Protection That Does More — Now That’s Brilliant!

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