The Best Toys For Your Kids—A Click Away

At, we always say, “The hot toy is only hot if it’s hot for your kids.” With thousands of toys on the market, every year, sorting through the selections and negotiating the promotional landscape can be a challenge for any parent or gift-giver.

At Time to Play, we review literally thousands of toys every year, and we try to offer both realistic assessment of the value of the toys and a sense of the kids who would get the most out of them. Not to mention tips on great video games, books and insightful information and commentary on current issues in family life and play.

We believe that good play is as essential to kids as good food, exercise and education. Through play, children have endless opportunities to explore their worlds, experience new things and express themselves. These are essential skills for them as they enter school and grow up.

Few skills are as important as the power of imagination. All the great achievements of history began with a simple question: “What if?” And that question is the heart of play.

Come, stay, play and let your imagination soar.