Say Goodbye to Under-Indulgence This Holiday Season!

The 2010 holiday season is expected to be one of the greatest on record. Why is that? Well, for one thing, the annual holiday party is going to get a facelift, thanks to a partnership between Pepto-Bismol and actor Ken Jeong, which aims to eradicate holiday party under-indulgence.

The under-indulger seems to have become a fundamental role at every holiday party and it is not the best way to spread good holiday cheer. As a result, Pepto-Bismol and Ken Jeong are committed to increase awareness about this common buzz kill at all holiday parties and help to cover those who do choose to indulge in holiday party food and drink.

That's right. No longer will you have to watch as your neighbor grazes over the crudite and refuses the stuffed mushrooms because she indulged too much at last week's holiday party. You can take action! Let Pepto and Ken give you a laugh and show you how to rescue the party under-indulgers this holiday season.