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Miracle-Gro and America’s Test Kitchen Cook Up Fresh Ideas from Your Garden

From your garden to your dinner table, growing delicious fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits is an easy, fun and simple way to get your family outside, cook up new recipes, and on time for a delightful dinner. The makers of Miracle-Gro® and America’s Test Kitchen have partnered to provide exciting gardening projects, insightful tips and mouthwatering recipes for you and your family. Grow your own produce at home with the help of Miracle-Gro, and bring those veggies and fruits to your table with delectable new recipes from America’s Test Kitchen. These ideas will make it simple and fun to Gro Your Own.

From backyard gardens to containers to balcony vertical gardens, space is never a challenge – and never too far from the kitchen. Join the # 1 cooking show on public television and the leading plant food and soil brand Miracle-Gro to start your own vegetable garden growing.