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Engage Opportunity Everywhere
with Multimedia

Showcase multimedia messages to your target audiences

The Yankee Group reports that companies that incorporate rich media into their communications see increased interaction with their content, stronger competitive positioning, higher-quality leads and greater customer loyalty. This is supported by our recent multimedia survey which revealed that press releases with multimedia content were viewed on average 77% more than text only releases.

Multimedia Engagement: Capture the full potential of your multimedia assets with our powerful engagement tools that combine premium distribution with online engagement, driving interaction and social media sharing.

Photo & Video Distribution: Enhance press releases, increase visibility in visual media channels and reach new audiences with strategic placements, including digital billboards in Las Vegas and Times Square.

Production & Digital Archiving: PR Newswire’s MultiVu has the expertise to capture and archive your key messages through services including video and audio production, media tours, webcasts and assignment photography.

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