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The American College of Emergency Physicians is dedicated to advancing emergency care and to advocating on behalf emergency physicians and the 124 million emergency patients cared for each year. To accomplish this, ACEP is using a new tool to communicate. This TV portal can be embedded on websites and blogs and will automatically be updated as new content comes available!

ACEP has announced a historic partnership of emergency medicine organizations — the Emergency Medicine Action Fund.  Its purpose is to build on what ACEP has done at the national level and to enhance the specialty’s ability to raise the profile of emergency medicine among federal regulators as the nation implements health care reform.  Scores of emergency medicine groups and organizations have joined independently or formed coalitions to participate, contributing more than $1.1 million to this landmark endeavor.  The 18-member board of governors held the first meeting of the Action Fund in July in Washington, DC.  The board discussed strategies for addressing the challenges ahead. During the meeting, board members heard reports about the future of health care reform, including accountable care organizations and bundled payments, and discussed how emergency departments are essential to every community and must have adequate resources.

In addition, ACEP is dedicated to educating regulators and other policymakers about the value of emergency medicine and how it represents only 2 percent of the nation’s health care expenditures. Demand for emergency care has grown at twice the rate of the U.S. population, and emergency visits are going to continue to increase, despite health care reform.