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Proven to Reduce Back Pain
Another Triumph of Nordic Design

Solution efficace pour diminuer les maux de dos,
un nouveau succès pour le design nordique

Nachweisliche Linderung von Rückenschmerzen
ein weiterer Triumph des skandinavischen Designs

La silla que reduce el dolor de espalda
Otro triunfo del diseño nórdico

Ha dimostrato di ridurre il mal di schiena
un altro trionfo del design nordico

Tuoli vähentää todistetusti selkäkipuja
pohjoismaisen suunnittelun huippua

Bevisad minskning av ryggsmärta
ännu en triumf för nordisk design

hjælper mod rygsmerter
og forebygger at kontoransatte udvikler "sedentarisme"

Bevist å redusere ryggsmerter
En ny triumf for nordisk design

AULI, Norway, 11 December, 2013/PRNewswire/ — Back App proven to improve back pain and prevent office workers from falling victim to Sitting Disease, is a chair that is very different from all others.

Back pain is a modern epidemic, with recent high profile victims including UK Prime Minister David Cameron, model Jodie Kidd and tennis ace Andy Murray.

With 80% of people experiencing some form of back pain in their lifetime and the rise of tablet computers creating a generation hunched over screens - dubbed the ‘iPosture’ generation – the Back App is more relevant than ever in the effort to combat Sitting Disease which, in addition to back pain, has been linked to cardiovascular illness and cancer.

Using a patented balancing ball design that keeps sitters in a comfortable constant motion, Back App is as much a talking point as it is a relief to those with back problems.

The seat gently balances on an adjustable ball, with users resting their feet on a footplate. It has a soft suspension and a soft seat which makes it gentle for your pelvic area and lower back, and gives you a gentle movement around the vertical axis.

This balance movement is transferred into your body to the exact location that you want it - the core muscles of your lower back. Users keep their balance in the same manner as when walking in the woods, riding a horse or paddling a kayak, and backs benefit from being kept in a relaxed, stress-free position.

Office workers are already a risk group for weight problems, and illnesses such as osteoporosis and diabetes. They are already too inactive. We sleep at night, drive everywhere and relax during the evening, so during our working hours we must activate our bodies in some way. Office workers' bodies need to be active and not entirely supported by a back rest, neck rest, arm rest, etc. You can even sleep in many office chairs. As a result your muscles get weaker and weaker.

Dr. Freddy Johnsen created Back App to combat his own back pain

Freddy Johnsen, a Norwegian fish-farming consultant, suffered back pain for many years and had to endure several back operations. After surgery, he began to develop a new ergonomic chair and hit upon the idea of the Back App in 2003. Now 40,000 people are feeling the benefits.

Dr. Johnsen says: “The exercise from sitting on the Back App has changed my life. It is part of my daily exercise to take care of my back. I am healthy again and can sit at my desk with no problems..”

Back App is based on a unique patented technology - different from all other chairs.

When you sit on Back App the posture in your back is as if you are standing

The effects of upright sitting on Back App has been documented in scientific published studies1. Their conclusions are that Back App:

  • Helps people sit more upright – posture is the same as when you stand
  • Reduces the effort of sitting upright
  • Increases the amount of movement used in sitting – encouraging exercise
  • Encourages the body to maintain balance in a smooth, controlled manner

Try Back App for Free

More and more people test office chairs before buying. We will give people the chance to test the Back App office chair to show that it fulfils its promise to the user. You can test the Back App office chair for one week free of charge. Most people that take advantage of this offer end up buying a Back App.

To find out more about how others have benefited from testing Back App you can read some of the testimonials here.

1Manual Therapy (Volume 17, Issue 6) Pages 566-571
"Can we reduce the effort of maintaining a neutral sitting posture? A pilot study". Kieran O'Sullivan, Raymond McCarthy, Alison White, Leonard O'Sullivan & Wim Dankaerts 2012.

Ergonomics (Volume 55, Issue 12) pages 1586-1595
"Lumbar posture and trunk muscle activation during a typing task when sitting on a novel dynamic ergonomic chair". Kieran O'Sullivan, Raymond McCarthy, Alison White, Leonard O'Sullivan & Wim Dankaerts 2012.

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