If cats could talk, what would they tell us?

Bayer’s Advantage® II for Cats Teams Up with Pet Lifestyle Expert Wendy Diamond and Pasha, the “Cat Myth Busters,” to Dispel the Top 10 Cat Myths

Since ancient times, cats have had an aura of mystery to them. As a result, there are "cat myths" lurking behind every litter box. Some myths are harmless-cats are cold and aloof, so they don't make good pets-while others, relating to cat health, can be serious-a purring cat is a happy and healthy cat, and cats who don't scratch more than usual, or live indoors, can't have fleas.

If cats could talk, they would debunk these myths-but they can't, which is why Bayer HealthCare LLC, Animal Health Division's Advantage® II for cats has enlisted the help of the "Cat Myth Busters"-Wendy Diamond and her "side-cat," Pasha-to put the kibosh on the Top 10 cat myths.

Diamond, the head "Cat Myth Buster," is America's foremost pet lifestyle expert and a frequent contributor to Good Morning America, Today Show and other national media outlets. Pasha is a Russian Blue cat with his paw on the pulse of the latest feline trends and a nose that can smell a cat myth 14 times better than a human! And while Diamond and Pasha dispel myths, Advantage® II for cats will kill fleas! Advantage® II works through contact, so fleas don't have to bite to die.

As part of the "Cat Myth Busters" campaign, Diamond and Pasha will disprove myths through media interviews and articles they co-write. They will also star in a series of seasonal "myth buster" videos. In addition, a campaign microsite has been established at CatMythBusters.com. On the website, cat owners can play a cat myth game and join the PetParents.com community for access to helpful tips and resources. For every new member, a donation of Advantage® II for cats of up to 10,000 tubes will be made to AdoptaPet.com, a non-profit pet adoption charity that helps shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups and pet adoption agencies advertise their homeless pets to adopters for free.

"When it comes to how well we really know our cats, many cat owners are 'barking up the wrong tree!'" said Diamond, dubbed the "Martha Stewart of the milk and bone dish" by The New Yorker. "Pasha and I are thrilled to partner with Advantage® II to help put an end to both the misconceptions about cats and the fleas that cause them discomfort. And there is no better time to talk about fleas than the warm weather months, when problems related to flea infestation are at their peak."

Fleas, More than Just Annoying

Fleas cause more than just itching; in fact, constant scratching from flea infestations can lead to hair loss and other skin issues. Additionally, fleas can cause secondary allergic reactions and problems such as tapeworm infections, cat scratch disease and anemia. One flea can quickly turn into an infestation because female fleas can produce 40 to 50 eggs per day. Advantage® II for cats kills all flea life stages, effectively treating existing infestations and preventing further infestations. It kills through contact, so fleas don't have to bite your cat to die.

"Fleas can cause discomfort and disease throughout the year, so all cats-even those we think of as 'indoor cats'-need their owners to kill fleas by applying a flea preventive once a month, 12 months a year," said Cristiano von Simson, DVM, MBA, director of veterinary technical services at Bayer Animal Health. "And just because cats are typically more independent and groom themselves more often than dogs doesn't mean they are their own healthcare providers. Like dogs, cats need regular veterinary care, including annual check-ups."

About Wendy Diamond, "The Cat Myth Buster"

Dubbed "the pet diva" by the New York Post, Wendy Diamond has emerged as one of America's foremost pet lifestyle experts. A witty and engaging TV personality, Wendy has appeared on Oprah, Today Show, Good Morning America, FOX News, CNN, The View, E!, MTV and VH1. Her insights into the special human-companion animal bond and tireless advocacy for animal rescue have also been celebrated on the pages of The New York Times, Vogue, People, Forbes and many other leading publications.

In her "free time," Diamond is a best-selling author who has pioneered a new way to understand the male-female relationship through her books, How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs, and How to Understand Women Through Their Cats. She also serves as chief pet officer and editorial director of Animal Fair, a lifestyle media company for animal lovers. Pasha, the other "Cat Myth Buster," gave Diamond the "paws up" on her partnership with Advantage® II for cats because fleas are simply not his style!

About Advantage® II for cats

Advantage® II for cats is a once-monthly topical solution for cats, and includes an application for kittens age 8 weeks and older. Advantage® II has adulticidal, larvicidal and ovicidal properties, killing adult fleas and preventing the emergence of new ones. Advantage® II kills fleas through contact, so fleas don't have to bite your pet to die.

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