Smucker's® Mango-Orange Yogurt SwirlerSmucker’s® Banana Almond  Butter & Jelly Sandwich


Smucker’s® is excited to introduce Smucker’s Pairings - a simple way to get inspired and discover new uses for your favorite fruit spreads. By uniting unique or traditional ingredients, home cooks can make delicious flavor combinations and create the ultimate wow factor.

Smucker’s Pairings use five ingredients or less and are ready in about 15 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to delight the taste buds. One of the best parts about Smucker’s Pairings is you can customize them for you and your family. Add a spoonful of fruit spreads – or two or three – it’s up to you!

Whether entertaining friends, whipping up a family meal or making an afternoon snack for the kids, Smucker’s Pairings will inspire you to experiment with fruit spreads in new ways – like creating a Fresh Cranberry Orange Pecan Relish or a delicious Strawberry Feta Almond Spread. No matter the occasion, Smucker’s Pairings will accentuate the trusted taste only Smucker’s high quality fruit spreads can deliver.

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