• A Partridge in a Pear Cheesecake: On the first day of Christmas, let your true love make you these Mini Pear-Ginger Cheesecakes with Gingersnap Crust. A partridge in a pear tree may be nice, but we all know dessert is the fastest way to the heart.
  • Two Turtle Cakes: It’s the second day of Christmas and you can’t turn down your true love’s Espresso Chocolate Turtle Cakes. These sweet treats will make your spirit soar higher than turtle doves.
  • Three French Madeleines: For the third day of Christmas, your true love bakes you Lemon-Grand Marnier Madeleines. These airy, tender mini cakes won’t leave you feeling like a plump French hen.
  • Four Phyllo Nests: Now that it’s the fourth day of Christmas, your true love delivers these Apple Ginger Phyllo Nests, making your heart take flight and croon like a songbird.
  • Five Pineapple Rings: On the fifth day of Christmas, your true love shines with Pineapple Upside Down Cake. These baked golden rings are sure to warm your heart.
  • Six Baklava Laying: It’s the sixth day of Christmas and your true love has laid phyllo sheets of Pistachio Baklava. You will be as protective over this goody as geese are a-laying on their nest.
  • Seven Cakes a Swimming: For the seventh day of Christmas your true love stuns you with Molten Chocolate Cake. This tender confection is as elegant as swimming swans but way more fun.
  • Eight Scoops a Milking: Now that it’s the eighth day of Christmas, your true love churns you Star Anise- and Orange-Infused Canola Ice Cream. Each bite will taste as if maids milked some magic.
  • Nine Cookies Dancing: On the ninth day of Christmas, your true love climbed a mountain to get you these Snow-Capped Fudge Cookies. These decadent bites will have your taste buds dancing for more.
  • 10 Pies a Leaping: It’s the 10th day of Christmas and your true love celebrates you with Candy Cane Whoopie Pies. If the cream cheese filling doesn’t have you leaping with holiday joy, then the crushed candy cane topping will “lord” over you.
  • 11 Cupcakes Piping: For the 11th day of Christmas, your true love lavishes you with Sinful Bliss Cupcakes with Sweetened Whipped Cream Frosting. You’ll hear pipers piping in your ears as you dive into these irresistible cakes.
  • 12 Ginger Men Drumming: Now that it’s the 12th day of Christmas, your true love brings you an army of Gingerbread Men. You won’t need a parade of drummers drumming to deliver them, but they definitely deserve the pomp and circumstance.

“The 12 Days of Delicious” Desserts to Celebrate the Season

Cook (and Sing!) Along with CanolaInfo’s Holiday Recipe Collection

/ PR Newswire / — Fire up your oven with “The 12 Days of Delicious” recipe campaign by CanolaInfo, a dozen delightful sweet treats to welcome in the holidays.
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Why 12? In the spirit of the season, these recipes offer a playful and tasty twist on the well-known song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” But instead of a partridge in a pear tree or two turtle doves, CanolaInfo carries the tune with A Partridge in a Pear Cheesecake and Two Turtle Cakes!

“‘The 12 Days of Delicious’ collection is a great source of holiday recipe inspiration because it includes small treats, party standouts and seasonal flavors like gingerbread and peppermint,” says Scott Samuel, chef-instructor at The Culinary Institute of America, who developed several of the recipes.

Other desserts featured include Lemon-Grand Marnier Madeleines (“three French hens”), Pineapple Upside Down Cake (“five golden rings”) and Star Anise- and Orange-Infused Canola Ice Cream (“eight maids a milking”).

Each dessert is made with heart-smart canola oil, which contains the least saturated fat and the most plant-based omega-3 fat of all common culinary oils.

“Using canola oil in place of butter for baked goods and other sweets helps lighten up desserts, plus its neutral flavor and high heat tolerance means it’s extremely versatile in the kitchen,” adds Samuel, who demonstrates how to prepare four of the 12 recipes in step-by-step online videos.

Cook and sing along with the collection, available at CanolaInfo.org:

“What’s clear from these recipes is that canola oil works well in a variety of desserts,” Samuel notes. “Whether it’s for brushing phyllo dough, infusing ice cream or baking up a molten chocolate cake, canola oil can do it all.”


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