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New MailMag App for Mobile Transforms and Modernizes Your Email

Highly Efficient, Intuitive and Visually Pleasing Mobile Email
MailMag Featured in the Apple App Store Globally‚Äč

/ PR Newswire / — MailMag today announces the launch of its free app, transforming email into a highly intuitive, efficient and visually pleasing way to connect and communicate. MailMag's easy–to–use magazine–like interface enables anyone who uses email on Apple mobile devices, including an iPhone or iPad, to navigate their inbox quickly and easily. MaiMag's disruptive email app with a focus on design debuted and is featured on Apple App Stores globally and is available for free today:
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According a Pew Research Center study, over 50% of Smartphone users access email through their mobile device, yet are bogged down by an interface that hasn't changed since the 1970's. As a result, hundreds of millions of Smartphone consumers around the world struggle with a time consuming and boring way of communicating. MailMag liberates email with mobile efficiency and magazine like design, enabling simple but advanced filtering and touch-screen gestures to easily organize, prioritize and respond to messages.

With its dashboard interface for inbox management, MailMag has short cuts that automatically consolidate attachments such as photos and documents from all email accounts into one location enabling quick access for browsing, forwarding, or deleting. MailMag uses a proprietary algorithm to display the most visually appealing images in your emails to make reading them like browsing a magazine.

MailMag conveniently aggregates multiple email accounts under one username and password while seamlessly freeing people from the hassle of multiple logins and multiple email apps. Email account logins remain on a user's mobile device and are never required or accessed by MailMag itself making privacy entirely under the user's control. MailMag supports all email services and accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, iCloud, Exchange, Rackspace, and others. For additional productivity, users can also reschedule messages that can't be answered right away and be reminded later so emails don’t get lost or forgotten.

Kivanc Acikgoz, CEO of MailMag states, “We created a design centric app that brings joy and efficiency to email – like what Flipboard did for news. MailMag is taking a very focused approach – we're not trying to solve all the world's problems, we're simply helping people to fall in love with email again.”

“MailMag has created an engaging and clever app that completely modernizes email for productivity on the go with stunning design,” said Bill Tai, general partner at Charles River Ventures.

“It’s a very pretty way to browse mails – I really love it,” says Amol Sarva, Co–founder of Virgin Mobile USA and Peeky.

MailMag is a global company based in San Francisco and Istanbul that specializes in creating disruptive technologies that bring joy and ease to the mobile experience. MailMag is available on Apple App Stores globally and is a ‘Featured Best New App’ in Turkey, India, UAE, and South Korea. To find out more about MailMag’s passionately created products like its initial email app, visit


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