• A Bee Friendlier Flower Bombing shares the issues facing bees from the perspective of bee experts and organic farmers. Cascadian Farm is encouraging consumers to plant wildflower seeds this fall to help.
  • Cascadian Farm launches “Bee Friendlier” program to increase awareness about the issues facing bees and encourage simple actions to help bees thrive.
  • Cascadian Farm is using Seedles, colored seed balls, to plant 1 million wildflowers and encourage consumers to plant wildflower gardens, too, that will grow into beautiful habitats for bees next spring.
  • Consumers who create a shareable “SelfBee” at Bee-Friendlier.com will receive a code that can be entered online to direct a donation from Cascadian Farm to one of three bee-friendly causes.


New survey finds the majority of Americans are unfamiliar with bee colony loss or how they can help

Watch @CascadianFarm bomb a field with 1 million wildflowers to save the bees. #beefriendlier

/ PR Newswire / — Bees are responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat, but their populations are in decline, threatening the food supply as we know it today. According to a recent survey conducted by Cascadian Farm, more than 60 percent of Americans are unfamiliar with colony loss, the phenomenon characterized by honey bees abandoning their hives, never to return. Beyond honey bees, one-third of America’s native bumble bee species are now at risk of extinction. Today, Cascadian Farm—in partnership with The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation and the University of Minnesota Bee Lab—announced its ‘Bee Friendlier’ program to increase awareness of these critical issues and encourage simple actions to help bees thrive.
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“Many Cascadian Farm products include ingredients that require pollination by bees to grow—like organic blueberries, apples and almonds—so we want to protect them,” said Scott Lee, marketing director for Cascadian Farm. “Through Bee Friendlier, we’ll educate consumers about colony loss and how the issue impacts us all, and inspire small steps that will have positive impacts on bee health starting now.”

The Bee Friendlier program is focused on driving these actions:
1.) Plant wildflowers this fall. Planting wildflowers is one of the easiest ways to combat bee habitat and food source decline, both of which are factors experts believe contribute to colony loss and the decline of wild bees. Eighty percent of Americans don’t know fall is actually the best time to plant wildflower seeds.1 Scattered in yards, neighborhoods or community gardens, these seeds will grow into nutritious, beautiful habitats for bees next spring. Visit Bee-Friendlier.com for a list of flowers to plant by geography.
2.) Visit Bee-Friendlier.com to watch and share the video, “A Bee Friendlier Flower Bombing.” This video shares details about the issues facing bees from the perspective of Yolo County, Calif.-based bee experts and organic farmers whose livelihoods depend on bee health.
3.) Stop by the Bee Booth at Bee-Friendlier.com to customize your “SelfBee.” Consumers who create a “SelfBee”—a selfie complete with a customizable bee hairstyle that can be uploaded to and shared through social channels—will receive a code that can be entered online to direct a donation to their choice of one of three bee-friendly causes.
4.) Buy organic products. Organic farms grow crops without the use of persistent pesticides, which are chemicals that can harm bees. Cascadian Farm has been farming organically since 1972.
5.) Look for donation codes on select Cascadian Farm products. Found on select retail products, these access codes help drive donations from Cascadian Farm to consumers’ bee-friendlier cause of choice: 1) The Xerces Society’s Pollinator Conservation Program, which is supporting more than 160,000 acres of wildflower habitat restoration across America, 2) bee conservation training for farmers and gardeners conducted by The Xerces Society to help Americans reduce pesticide use and create safe landscapes for bees, or 3) the University of Minnesota Bee Lab, which is conducting research that promotes the health of bees and other pollinators.

For every code redeemed at Bee-Friendlier.com before Dec. 31, 2014, Cascadian Farm will donate 50 cents—up to $150,000 for all consumer actions—to The Xerces Society or the University of Minnesota Bee Lab, which will bring the bee-friendlier charitable actions to life.

“By encouraging consumers to plant wildflowers this fall—and by donating funds to help The Xerces Society plant wildflower bee habitats—Cascadian Farm is proving its commitment to the bees because we know wildflowers help,” said Scott Hoffman Black, executive director of The Xerces Society. “We’re proud to partner with a leading organic company that sets an incredible example for environmental stewardship through research, education, philanthropy and calls to action that work.”

“Efforts to protect and preserve our precious pollinators continue to be vitally important. We need to continue to research causes of colony loss and solutions, and educate people about the ongoing issues facing bees,” said Dr. Marla Spivak, director of the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. “Cascadian Farm’s Bee Friendlier program will give a louder, more prominent voice to what’s happening with the bees and the small steps we can all take, together, to make a difference.”

Bees do so much for us. It’s time we do more for them. Visit Bee-Friendlier.com for more information and to take action.

Since 1972, Cascadian Farm has grown beyond its original farm and is recognized as a pioneer in the organic movement. Cascadian Farm was organic before “organic” was a trend. Since day one, the brand has been dedicated to organic goodness. Cascadian Farm offers more than 75 delicious, high-quality organic products including cereals, granolas, frozen fruits, vegetables and potatoes, fruit spreads, granola bars, juice concentrates and more.

1 Cascadian Farm Consumer Survey (2014)

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