Wakanda adds Angular to its open platform, expanding the possibilities for developing professional Web applications

With a growing feature list and further openness to developers and technologies, 4D’s open-source platform for developing and deploying professional Web applications is evolving rapidly as it adapts to innovative ecosystems

PARIS, FRANCE – December 16, 2014 – 4D, a leading provider of integrated application development solutions, has introduced its Angular-Wakanda solution at the NG-Europe conference, following a year of rapid evolution and expansion of its JavaScript platform for developing and deploying professional Web applications.

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Angular-Wakanda now in beta

With the unveiling of Angular-Wakanda at NG-Europe in Paris, in late October, Wakanda is demonstrating its commitment to working with the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Wakanda developers can now generate an AngularJS Web application.

The Angular-Wakanda Generator accelerates application scaffolding, providing a complete development environment with debugging, unit testing, and much more.

The Angular-Wakanda Connector eases client-side operation with easy navigation through object relationships, fast data paging, simple query filters, live scrolling as well as the ability to publish data from the server to the user interface.

Angular-Wakanda is available as of Wakanda 10. Further features being rolled out in this version are Wakanda Cloud, Wakanda Shell, a new Object data type, and LDAP Support available in the Wakanda Enterprise Edition. Further features include an improved widgets API (with Repeater and Live Scroll behaviors, pagination and much more) as well as a JSON import/export API.

Learn more about Angular-Wakanda at http://www.wakanda.org/angular-wakanda/

Ready for production and open to all

Numerous evolutionary improvements to the platform have been rolled out in the last year alone, with every single one thoroughly tested and now ready for production. These enhancements range from SQL connectors that allow for connection of Wakanda applications to MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases, to full ODBC interoperability and optimized client-server communication with WebSockets.

Wakanda’s implementation of server-side JavaScript means that this language is all a developer needs to know to get going. Unlike traditional platforms that often require a specialized server-side language, Wakanda uses JavaScript on the server – thus even traditionally front-end Web developers can take the skills they already have to the next level of productivity. To try Wakanda’s SSJS database right away, we have created http://play.wakanda.org

Wakanda has further opened itself on the front-end, as well. Any third-party JavaScript library can be turned into a drag-and-drop widget to use in Wakanda applications. Custom widgets can also be created using our API  for inclusion anywhere in an application. Wakanda Studio add-ons, such as custom widgets, themes, extensions and modules, are now shareable with the entire Wakanda community using Wakanda’s built-in Add-ons Extension via GitHub.

Learning options

Wakanda has invested in numerous resources to not only be at the forefront of Web application technology, but also of immense value to Web developers. One of our greatest efforts has been to make available world-class training. Wakanda now offers free introductory video training, developed by our experts, to get new developers started building applications right away. These training sessions begin with building the foundations of a Web application and progress to creating an interface and managing the solution. Clients can immediately access the 80 units of training divided into four courses, which are available for free.

Training has further been expanded with instructor-led classroom training aimed at Wakanda developers who wish to take their applications to the next level. Wakanda offers introductory, intermediate, and advanced level training sessions in both English and French.

About Wakanda

Wakanda provides developers with a data-driven JavaScript development platform for Web and mobile business applications. The Wakanda foundation relies on best-of-breed technology: A powerful and secure open-source NoSQL database & server, an extensible model-driven architecture based on JavaScript and REST, all facilitated by a complete development studio and client framework.

Fully compliant with industry standards for JavaScript, Wakanda supports JSON, REST/HTTP, and CommonJS.

Cloud solutions developed with Wakanda can be deployed on any desktop or mobile platform.

Availability & Pricing

Wakanda is available for immediate download, and is offered as a free open-source Community edition, as well as with commercial licensing starting at $129/€99 per year. Paid support options start at $499/€399 per year. For more information and to download Wakanda, please visit: http://www.wakanda.org

For details on commercial licensing and paid support plans, go to:

About 4D

A global leader in business software development solutions for over 30 years, 4D provides integrated platforms that simplify and speed up the development and deployment of Web, mobile, desktop, and client-server applications. 4D solutions and development tools are used in more than 70 countries, with millions of end users and over 10,000 independent software vendors (ISVs). For more information, please visit http://www.4D.com

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