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bareMinerals® Complexion Rescue: The Best of a BB, a CC, and a Tinted Moisturizer

/ PR Newswire / — Introducing bareMinerals® Complexion Rescue,™ a tinted hydrating gel cream invented by encapsulating hydrating humectants and pigment with mineral infused water to help lock in moisture upon contact with skin for instant hydration and rapid absorption.
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By challenging the composition of traditional complexion emulsions that feature water on the inside and oil on the outside, Complexion Rescue takes an inside-out approach with naturally hydrating squalane at the core, surrounded by mineral-infused water. The result? A staggering 215% increase in skin hydration after just one week.*

Formulated without oil, silicone, parabens or fragrance to maintain the integrity of the skin–loving formula, Complexion Rescue combines marine botanicals and hydrating humectants to help refuel thirsty skin, energizing mineral electrolytes to help enhance skin’s appearance, and a skin–protecting antioxidant that acts as skin’s bodyguard to help defend against environmental stressors. A non–chemical, mineral–based, broad spectrum SPF 30 provides superior protection against damaging UV rays.

Beyond a thirst–quenching cure–all, this freckle–friendly skin savior is available in 10 natural–looking shades to provide effortless sheer–to–medium coverage for both workday and weekend wear. Providing just the right amount of coverage, Complexion Rescue enables skin to appear more awake and even–toned due to its imperfection–diffusing properties and naturally radiant color.

Never has a dewy, youthful–looking glow been so easy to achieve. With fuss–free application, this balanced cocktail of ingredients works synergistically to jump–start the complexion every day with a surge of refreshing hydration, revitalizing energy and advanced protection with comfortable coverage.

*Based on average results of an independent U.S. clinical study of 62 subjects


Olive–derived squalane, marine botanicals and water-loving humectants trehalose and glycerin help keep skin replenished and hydrated, while a unique emulsion delivers an instant burst of hydration in a silicone– and oil–free formula.

Globularia cordifolia ferment—also known as heart–leaved globe daisy—acts like skin’s bodyguard to help defend against environmental stressors due to its natural ability to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.

Calcium and magnesium are known to help replenish skin’s moisture barrier, while potassium is known to help keep skin’s water content in balance.

Non–chemical, mineral–based broad spectrum SPF 30 protects skin against UV damage and environmental aggressors.

Easy to apply, Complexion Rescue feels like total freedom on your skin. Simply apply to clean skin with fingertips. Layer for additional coverage at home or on the go.

For professional blending, you may also apply Complexion Rescue using our new Smoothing Face Brush.

  • Dual fiber synthetic brush provides control and diffusion for a soft, smooth application
  • Dome–shape design blends seamlessly for an airbrushed effect

bareMinerals utilizes a distinctive marketing strategy and multi-channel distribution model to develop, market and sell cosmetics and skincare in 34 countries, with over 6,500 points of distribution, including more than 200 company-owned boutiques.

For more information please visit www.bareMinerals.com.

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