World-renowned doctor heads neurosurgery clinic at European Medical Center

MOSCOW, 5 March 2015, PR Newswire/ - European Medical Center (GEMC, is the first institution among private clinical groups to open the clinic of neurology and neurosurgery as part of its multifunctional hospital on Shepkin Street in Moscow. Under the supervision of a world-renowned neurosurgeon Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Alexey Krivoshapkin, M.D., Ph.D., the hospital carries out complex neurosurgical interventions. Its international team of top surgeons includes Jean-Michel Derlon (GEMC, France), Vladimir Shabalov (GEMC, Russia), Dmitry Dzukaev (GEMC, Russia) and Evaldas ńĆesnulis (Hirslanden, Switzerland).

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The grant-supported project “Hardware system to determine the completeness of tumour resection in neurosurgery” helps to improve the results of surgical treatment of malignant brain tumors. Dr. Krivoshapkin’s research projects and inventions, which help to perform highly technological operations on the structures of the brain and its vessels, are currently supported by the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, GEMC and a number of other major research institutions.

“We are creating automated technologies to simplify the course of neurosurgeries and make the most accurate evaluation of the intervention results. The prospects of a specific patient depend on the correctness of the assessment. This is the direct way we can increase the percentage of long-survivors who live more than five years after having the neuro-oncological surgeries with malignant brain gliomas,” – said Krivoshapkin. Preclinical trials have demonstrated safety and efficacy. Further clinical studies will be carried out at GEMC. GEMC radiology department carries out high-precision CT and MRI scans around-the-clock. A high-tech PET-CT diagnostics centre will start operating in the coming months; it will diagnose cancer at the earliest stages. 

GEMC SUMMARY: European Medical Center (GEMC, is one of the leading and largest multidisciplinary medical clinics in Russia. For the past 25 years it has provided medical assistance in accordance with international protocols.

GEMC employs doctors from Western Europe, USA, Japan, Israel and Russia. GEMC consists of several divisions: a multifunctional hospital on Shepkin Street, multifunctional medical centres in Spiridonievsky Pereulok and Orlovsky Pereulok, EMC Children's Clinic on Trifonovskaya Street, European Dental Center (EDC), a clinical diagnostic and histology laboratory, the largest in Russia private “European clinic of sports traumatology and orthopaedics” (ECSTO), and EMC Assistance (expert support in the treatment abroad). In 2015 GEMC opened the Family Medical Center (FMC), a multifunctional clinic in the Solntsevo district. GEMC in-patient department numbers more than 150 beds. The GEMC multifunctional centers operate 24 hours a day; they include emergency, urgent and acute care, in-patient departments, diagnostic departments, including computer and magnetic resonance imaging. The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.

In 2008 GEMC was purchased for 110 million USD by entrepreneurs Igor Shilov, Leonid Shayman and Csaba Baljer Lajos, who continue to lead and innovate as GEMC co-owners and board members. GEMC has since grown to over 400 million USD in value. Baring Vostok, Russia’s leading private equity firm, is also an investor. The co-owners consider performing an initial public offering (IPO) by the year 2019.