Just in time for the 10th anniversary of the Scent of Peace, our celebrated, bestselling eau de parfum, Bond No. 9 and our founder-president Laurice Rahmé are proud to announce winning the UN Women for Peace Association’s coveted Peace Award.

This is a coincidence we as peacekeeping perfumers cherish.

The Scent of Peace Celebrates 10 years…and its United Nations award!

/ PR Newswire / — Laurice Rahmé, president of Bond No. 9, is honored to announce that she and the New York-centric, NoHo-based global parfumerie she founded in 2003 received the coveted Peace Award at the United Nations Women for Peace Association’s Annual Awards Luncheon, held at UN headquarters on March 6, 2015.  Overseen by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, the award was presented by his wife, UNWFPA Patron Ban Soon-taek, as well as UNWFPA Board Chair Muna Rihani Al-Nasser.  The award acknowledges Bond No. 9 and Ms. Rahmé’s support of UNWFPA, their ambition to spread peace internationally, and their campaign to raise funds for the cause via the Scent of Peace–a sensuous eau de parfum homage to peace.

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“Peace smells good to me,” said Ms. Rahmé on receiving her and Bond No. 9’s award.  Indeed, she added, “we have bottled peace,” referring to the Scent of Peace, our No. 1 bestselling fragrance, now, by coincidence, celebrating its 10th anniversary.  Like the entire Bond No. 9 collection, this spirited modern grapefruit-blackcurrant-lily-cedarwood  mélange takes its inspiration from New York, this great UN headquarters city--as a place of tolerance and détente, where disparate neighborhoods thrive in proximity and sometimes blend (like a beautiful perfume).  The Scent of Peace derives from this consensus that hovers like a dove over our entire city.  And appropriately enough, the flacon displays a dove in graceful flight.  We see this emissary of peace wafting through our city, across the country, and across the seas, bringing its airborne message to the world.

So successful has this women’s-oriented eau de parfum been that men requested their own scented tribute to peace, and since we value men’s pivotal role in world peace, we complied in 2013 with the Scent of Peace for Men, echoing the original fragrance’s blackcurrant and cedarwood notes.

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