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Important Safety Information


The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser (GME LinScan System 808) with applicators is indicated for hair removal and permanent hair reduction at 6, 9, or 12 months following a treatment regime.

Important Safety Information
You should not have Clear + Brilliant pélo laser treatments if you:

  • Experience long healing periods after preceding Clear + Brilliant pélo laser treatments
  • Have tanned skin
  • Are susceptible to keloid (enlarged scar) or abnormal scar formation
  • Are susceptible to lightening or darkening of the skin
  • Are undergoing Isotretinoin treatment or are taking drugs in a similar class
  • Are undergoing treatment with medications that cause the skin to be very sensitive to sunlight, such as tetracyclines or retinoids
  • Use hydroquinone or other skin bleaching agents
  • Have known herpes infection, cold sores, or genital warts in treatment area
  • Have a tattoo in the treatment area
  • Are pregnant
  • Have used other hair removal devices or other hair removal methods, e.g., waxing, hair plucking, or hair removal by electrolysis during the preceding 6 weeks.

You should consult your doctor regarding treatment for herpes (cold sores or genital warts) prior to Clear + Brilliant pélo laser treatment if you have a previous history of herpes infection(s).

The Clear + Brilliant pélo laser is a class IV Laser; i.e., it may cause damage to the eyes and skin. You must therefore wear protective eyewear or goggles during your Clear + Brilliant pélo laser treatment.

Possible complications from Clear + Brilliant

  • Temporary redness of the skin, similar to sunburn
  • Blister formation over the treated areas
  • Swelling caused by fluid retention
  • Skin discoloration:
    • Pigmented lesions and freckles may bleach or disappear
    • Darkening of skin
    • Loss or lightening of skin color
    • Red spots on skin
  • Light pain
  • Scarring
  • Activation of herpes simplex (cold sores or genital warts) in patients already infected
  • Increased sweating
  • Strong smell and excessive sweating
  • White hair

Talk to your doctor for more information about Clear + Brilliant pélo Laser, and see for additional details.