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The Jacket Maker Launches #MadeForMe

The Direct-to-Consumer Brand Reimagines Leather Outerwear with a Powerful Message on Inclusivity

Find My Style #MadeForMe

New York, On September 2nd, 2020, The Jacket Maker launches #MadeForMe, a campaign highlighting the leather outwear brand’s emphasis on inclusivity. The brand’s focus on creating bespoke, high quality, ready-to-wear leather outerwear stems from their commitment to embrace true inclusivity by designing not for bodies, but personalities.

Since its inception, The Jacket Maker with its direct-to-consumer approach has combined bespoke tailoring and e-commerce to make finest quality leather outerwear, and has remained true to its promise of using the finest raw materials, ensuring exquisite craftsmen, and committing to inclusivity. With #MadeForMe, the brand takes another step forward towards the bold claim that leather jackets are for everyone, for every individual, personality and style.

The campaign follows the lives of five individuals: David, who loves a good ol’ bike and leather jacket combo; Dona, a Chicago girl who sees music in buildings and paintings in trees; Robert, who likes spend lazy evenings writing by a lake; Evelyn, a New York fashion photographer who has the best #foodgrams; and James, the millenial Don Draper.

What do David, Dona, Robert, Evelyn, and James have in common? Their love for jackets.

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#MadeForMe - The Jacket Maker

#MadeForMe - The Jacket Maker

Syed Obaid, CEO & Co-Founder of The Jacket Maker, describes the thought behind #MadeForMe:

“When we imagine a jacket, we go beyond measurements and pockets and zippers; we design for people -- people who have unique bodies, personalities, careers, hobbies, pets, families, favorite pizza toppings. In making jackets for a complete person, who is more than a set of shoulders and arms, we create one-of-a-kind pieces, each with a story of its own.

#MadeForMe celebrates the beauty in diversity and is dedicated to everyone who ever thought that a leather jacket was ‘too masculine’, or ‘too rugged’ or ‘too bulky’ for them: don’t settle for a jacket that does not make you stop in your tracks, hold your breath, and say, ‘Wow, this jacket was made for me.’”

Inclusion and expression, for The Jacket Maker, are more than seasonal buzzwords; they are the foundation of the business itself. In an industry that is dominated by fast fashion brands that are predicated on the idea of body-types, The Jacket Maker has eliminated the role of the fitting room -- as far as they’re concerned, the jacket that fits is a jacket that is made just for you.

The @jacket_maker launches #MadeForMe, a campaign highlighting the leather outwear brand’s emphasis on inclusivity.  

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