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Bee Rental Program Brings Together Gardeners and Farmers to Make More Food & Help Bee Populations

How to Host
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How to Host

How to Host

Seattle, WA, January 26th – Rent Mason Bees (RMB) is the only company in the country that brings backyard gardeners and farmers together with their solitary bee rental program.

They achieve this by finding hosts across the United States who want to pollinate their yards and mail them a bee kit. Hosts release healthy bees back to nature and watch their yards thrive as bees pollinate and lay eggs in the provided nesting blocks. In the fall, once the developing bees have built their protective cocoons, hosts mail back their blocks to RMB. The blocks and bee cocoons are thoroughly cleaned to remove pests that are a threat to native bee species. After all cocooned bees are cleaned, they are safely stored in hibernation over winter. The following spring, healthy bees are returned to backyard gardens and sent to farmers across the U.S. to help them produce more food.

“Bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem,” says Jim Watts, owner of RMB. “A third of the food that we eat is directly pollinated by bees. We need bees to pollinate our food and we have to protect our bee populations.”

RMB’s mission is to help the future of food production and promote the health of solitary bees that are critical pollinators to food and ecosystems.


  • DO NOT STING – Mason bees are non-aggressive and don’t sting.
  • BELLY FLOPPERS – Mason bees BELLY FLOP onto flowers and get pollen all over their bodies.
  • ONE OF NATURES BEST POLLINATORS –Mason bees pollinate 95% of the flowers they land on.
  • HARD WORKERS – Mason bees visit up to 2,000 flowers a day.
  • HELP HONEYBEES – The stressful workload that is placed on honeybee colonies is reduced when they work alongside solitary bees.
  • SOLITARY BEES – They work by themselves, find their own food, build their own nest and lay eggs

About RMB
RMB is a division of Watts Solitary Bees which is family owned and operated for over 56 years. RMB program offers a way to be involved in your food sources and promote healthier urban and rural ecosystems with a minimal commitment. They work with three species of bees across the U.S.; blue orchard & horn-faced mason bees and the leafcutter bee. By utilizing gardeners, farmers are able to use solitary bees to grow more food. www.rentmasonbees.com

Thyra McKelvie
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