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MIJ Korea Unveils First Digital Tinnitus Care Smartphone App in CES 2021

MIJ introduce a tinnitus care solution, CARE4EAR in CES 2021.

CARE4EAR is a smartphone app to help tinnitus patients. CARE4EAR allows users to take the self-hearing test and self-tinnitus test without a helping hand.

CARE4EAR applied the mixing-point sound therapy method. Although sound therapy was first introduced in the 70s and was proven its effectiveness, it was difficult for many tinnitus patients to get the benefit of personal care due to technical or real-environmental issues. MIJ has developed a tinnitus care solutions system since 2018 to solve these problems and finally released the tinnitus care app ‘CARE4EAR’ that makes tinnitus care easy to use anytime and anywhere.

CARE4EAR users first test their hearing, and then check the type, frequency, and intensity of the tinnitus sound. Based on the hearing test and tinnitus test results, users can have a customized individual care sound for tinnitus. Listening to this customized sound on daily basis can improve tinnitus. The developer suggests listening to the tinnitus care sound for 4hrs. a day, 6 months or more.

MIJ proved the effectiveness of its tinnitus care solution through clinical trials and researches, conducted jointly with Hallym University, Korea in 2019. In 2020 CARE4EAR continued further research in context with care app and a significant positive effect on tinnitus care has been demonstrated.

MIJ is expected to launch big events that will take place online for the first time this year from January 11 to January 14 amid COVID 19 - a pandemic situation faced by the global market. We cordially invite everyone to join this memorable occasion by visiting CES website.

CES2021 visitors will be able to access CES2021 events contents online until February 15, 2021.

The Major aim of developing CARE4EAR is to provide an outstanding user experience for caring hearing capacity and tinnitus of our customers.

You can learn more about CARE4EAR at

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