Flavor Flashback! Ben & Jerry’s Newest TOPPED Flavors Tap into Nostalgia

Chocolate Milk and Dirt Cake Concoctions Kick Off 2022 Ice Cream Innovation

BURLINGTON, VT, January 25, 2022 — If you’re tired of adulting and yearning to relive your favorite childhood memories, Ben & Jerry’s has got you covered with its two newest ice cream innovations – especially if your childhood involved chocolate milk and cookies, or that fantastic pudding and cookie crumb dessert known as dirt cake. Introducing:

Topped Chocolate Milk & Cookies – Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip Cookies & Chocolate Cookie Swirls Topped with Milk Chocolatey Ganache & Fudge Chips

Topped Dirt Cake – Vanilla Pudding Ice Cream with Chocolate Sandwich Cookies & Chocolate Cookie Swirls Topped with Milk Chocolatey Ganache & Chocolate Cookie Crumble

These delicious new flavors chock full of nostalgia join the super popular Topped line, introduced a year ago, which features a fudgy ganache layer across the top of every pint of ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s fans welcomed the innovation with open arms, making Topped a huge hit in its first year. In fact, four of the seven original Topped flavors quickly made their way onto the ice cream maker’s Top 20 fan favorites list, meaning Ben & Jerry’s had a challenge on its hands to repeat that success.

New in 2022, Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Gurus have developed a milk chocolatey version of the ganache Topped layer – the original line featured either a dark or white chocolatey ganache. In addition to the milk chocolatey ganache, both new flavors also feature a chocolate cookie swirl, affectionately dubbed the “fairy dust” of the most recent innovations according to the R&D Gurus responsible for taking these new flavors to the next level. And if combining chocolate milk and cookies wasn’t tantalizing enough, they modeled Topped Dirt Cake after the beloved childhood dirt cake dessert with another innovation: a vanilla pudding ice cream base, which is covered with enough cookie crumbs to bring back those days of youth.

“The 2021 Topped line up was one of our most successful innovation launches ever,” said Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru, Colleen Rossell. “So, we can’t wait for fans to literally DIG into these new flavors. If you’re looking for a treat loaded with nostalgia that brings you back – these two new Topped flavors deliver.” Rossell was responsible for tasting, testing, and topping off the Chocolate Milk & Cookies and Dirt Cake flavors.

Topped’s ganache is a decadent addition to Ben & Jerry’s offerings, and each Topped flavor provides all the chunks and swirls ice cream aficionados expect. The ganache is so abundant that Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru team says the best way to eat any of the Topped flavors is by using a fork to break through the ganache and chunk-spelunk the goodies in the layers below.

Topped Chocolate Milk & Cookies and Topped Dirt Cake will appear on shelves across the U.S. in the first quarter of 2022 at a suggested retail price of $4.99-5.49. Dirt Cake will also be available as a flavor and as a one-of-a-kind special sundae in Scoop Shops across the US in the coming weeks.

Learn more about Ben & Jerry’s Topped flavors here.

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