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Hillsborough, NC — Adam & Eve and adameve.com, America’s most trusted source for adult products, are excited to share their predictions for 2023’s top sex and sex toy trends!

Just in time for Valentine’s (or Galentine’s, depending on your preferences) Day, Adam & Eve and resident sexologist Dr. Jenni Skyler, have teamed together to present you with the best of the best in sexual health, wellness and adult toys that are sure to be hot topics for the upcoming year. As a special treat, customers can also use code HEART50 at checkout at adameve.com to get 50% off almost any one item plus free shipping!


Masturbation as Self-Care

“Masturbation as self-care will become more acceptable in 2023,” says Dr. Jenni. “The general population is realizing that self-love is real love, and the benefits of masturbation are limitless. From lowering stress levels to improving sleep to relieving menstrual cramps, masturbation really is a self-care at its core. And with American adults reporting their stress is at an all-time high, people are realizing they can take daily or as-needed ‘self-love’ breaks to recharge, relax and reconnect with themselves.”


“Lubricant? I say ‘lubrican!’” says Dr. Jenni. “For years, there’s been a stigma around lubricants… they are for menopausal women or couples who aren’t that into each other anymore. Finally, the lubricant is having its day in the sun. Individuals and couples are realizing that there is a plethora of lubricants to meet every need. Water based, silicone, hybrid, flavored… many lubricants double as massage oils and help couples feel more comfortable bringing up the subject. Lubricants for certain toys ensure they don’t tug or pull on delicate skin. I encourage adults to test out a variety of samples to see what resonates with them.”

Dr. Jenni Recommended Lubricants

Incorporating Sex Toys Into Your Partnered Play

“Sex toys can help turn good sex into great sex (and so-so sex into good sex!),” says Dr. Jenni. “By adding a penis ring or bullet vibe to your routine lovemaking, you automatically heighten the sensations and improve your odds at orgasm. Lately, I’ve been seeing a number of luxury toys come to market, as well as high end remote control or app control toys for long distance lovers. These types of toys can be incorporated to improve sexual communication as well as help couples connect via long distance. I believe 2023 will be about couples keeping sexual health in mind with all sexual activities.”

About Dr. Jenni Skyler
With her strong commitment to promoting sexual health and wellness, Dr. Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT and CST is the perfect partner for Adam & Eve’s. Dr. Jenni has served as an expert speaker on both local and national levels in addition to leading countless sexual health workshops. She has also written numerous sexual and relationship advice columns for local and specialty newspapers, and is an American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) certified therapist and sexologist as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has a doctorate in Clinical Sexology and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy. She currently serves as director of the Intimacy Institute, a sexual health group based in Colorado that Dr. Jenni founded in 2009 with the encouragement of Dr. David Satcher, a former U.S. Surgeon General.

About Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve is the nation’s leading and most trusted internet adult retailer, having served more than 15 million customers through its website and catalog. With its longstanding “sex positive” stance, Adam & Eve products have been delivering excitement to bedrooms and enticing lovers for 50 years. Adam & Eve sells only the highest quality products for individuals and couples looking to engage in a consensual and sex positive experience. Find out more at adamandeve.com.

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