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Seresto® Launches Season Pass Guide to Ensure Pest-Free Spring

New Chief Protection Officer Dr. Lisa Lippman provides expert tips to help fleas and ticks suck less all season long

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GREENFIELD, Ind. (March 23, 2023) — With spring around the corner, the season’s change brings the constant threat of fleas and ticks. To ensure a pest-free year, Seresto®, the No. 1 selling, veterinarian-recommended, non-prescription flea and tick collar with eight months of continuous protection, is launching its pet-approved spring Season Pass guide. The guide is designed to equip pet owners with the expert information they need to protect their four-legged companion from pests and keep experiencing joy.

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Spring tips and tricks for you and your pet!

Looking for fun things to do and places to go with your pet this spring? Check out the Season Pass Guide from Seresto®, the vet-recommend flea and tick collar.

As fleas and ticks become most active during the warmer months, starting as early as March in some areas of the United States1, Seresto®’s first-ever Chief Protection Officer (CPO) Dr. Lisa Lippman, D.V.M., renowned veterinarian and pet advocate, offers springtime protection tips. As CPO, Dr. Lisa will share what every pet owner should know, from combatting common misconceptions to sharing activity ideas that will promote a season of fun without pest concerns.

“Pet parents often don’t realize how incredibly costly, time-consuming and disease-spreading cases of fleas and tick-borne infection are until their own pet is impacted,” said Dr. Lippman. “That’s why I can’t emphasize enough that using a flea and tick preventative year-round is the best way to help protect our beloved pets from fleas and ticks. As Seresto®’s CPO and a pet owner myself, I understand the importance of protection and look forward to helping pet owners confidently enjoy pest-free adventures this spring. Because when fleas and ticks suck less, the world does too.”

Meet the first-ever Seresto® Chief Protection Officer Dr. Lisa Lippman, D.V.M., renowned veterinarian and pet advocate.

Seresto® Chief Protection Officer Dr. Lisa Lippman, D.V.M.

Meet the first-ever Seresto® Chief Protection Officer Dr. Lisa Lippman, D.V.M., renowned veterinarian and pet advocate.

The spring guide, found at, is a pet parent’s ticket to go out and adventure, not only providing helpful care and protection tips, but also sharing veterinarian-approved activities from Dr. Lisa to ensure pest-free fun.

Spring-Time Flea and Tick Protection

While fleas and ticks are a year-round threat, rising spring temperatures also means increased pest activity. To ensure springtime flea and tick protection, Dr. Lippman shares her top tips:

Dr. Lisa Tips

Dr. Lippman’s spring protection tips.

The first-ever Chief Protection Officer, Dr. Lisa, offers tips to protect your pets this spring!

“For the best defense against pests, one of my key responsibilities as CPO is to help pet parents understand the importance of correctly and consistently applying a flea and tick preventative,” said Dr. Lippman. “In everyday life, busy pet parents are faced with so many challenges. But fleas and ticks don’t have to be one of them. I find that Seresto® collars work well because of their ease of application, long-lasting protection for eight continuous months, affordability and wide availability at vet clinics or mass retailers.”

With the proper protection in place, it’s time to enjoy the best the spring season has to offer with your four-legged friend. As part of its Season Pass guide, Seresto® shares its list of top veterinarian-approved activities to enjoy during the springtime.

Spring into action with your pet!

Seasonal tips and trips to help you spring into action and get outside with your pet!

Visit for more information about how Seresto® collars can help pet owners confidently protect their pets for eight continuous months of effective protection from fleas and ticks.


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