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Noto Peninsula: A New Tourist Spot for Cycling

WAJIMA, Japan, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Grass and trees are beginning to sprout on the nature-rich peninsula of Noto. This is the perfect time to discover Japan in its entirety, from traditional culture to food. The area is all set to welcome visitors in search of seasonal pleasures and surprises.

Jutting out to the north in the center of Japan’s main island, the Noto Peninsula is one of Japan’s largest, and has become a popular destination for cycling tourism. The peninsula is roughly 100 kilometers from top to bottom and 30 to 50 kilometers across. Spread throughout its area are gorgeous vistas with views of the mountains, the sea and a landscape dotted with traditional Japanese homes etched into the natural surroundings. No matter how many times cyclists visit, they always find something new to see.

With a full lap of the peninsula encompassing roughly 400 km of ups and downs, completing it presents a challenge of at least two nights and three days even for experienced cyclists. Whether it’s a full lap, a whole or half day ride, or renting a bicycle for a short jaunt, Noto’s ample charm is on offer. Designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, the Noto Peninsula has maintained traditions that are being lost in urban areas, including large-scale and unique festivals, production of sake and fish sauce, and traditional crafts like Wajima lacquerware, which was once called ‘JAPAN’ in the West. Life here is slow-paced and sustainable, while being surrounded by the sea means first-rate seafood—especially the area’s high-grade oysters—as well as famed Noto beef, one of the best brands of Japanese beef in the Hokuriku region. The culture created by human history here is also not to be missed. The peninsula is home to ancient temples preserved in their original form, as well as the Wajima morning market, one of the three largest morning markets in Japan. There are many hot springs to stay at including Wakura Onsen, one of the largest hot spring resorts on the Sea of Japan coast. Cyclists can park at one of the many bike stations located throughout the peninsula, including some at places not accessible by public transportation, where they can enjoy interacting with the locals. Taking a cycle tour offers a chance to become a part of the rich culture and stunning natural beauty on offer on the Noto Peninsula.