(February 13th, 2023) Bothell, WA - Bees are becoming an increasingly popular addition to gardens - but not just the honeybees. If you’re thinking of hosting bees in your yard, releasing solitary MASON bees should be top on your list. Solitary bees make up 90% of all bees on the planet and are one of mother nature’s best pollinators! On average, each mason bee can visit over 2,000 blooms daily and pollinate 95% of the flowers they land on, in comparison to the meticulous pollen gathering of honeybees who only have a 5% pollination rate.

This makes them the unsung heroes of the pollinating world! Not only can they help us grow more food, but their belly flopping pollen-collecting methods make surrounding habitat healthier. Solitary bee activity helps filter out pollutants from air and water streams – increasing overall ecosystem health everywhere these little bees buzz around.


WHAT IS A SOLITARY BEE? Solitary means alone… each female lays all her own eggs, forages for her own food and makes a nesting chamber for each baby. They do not have a hive or make honey and they have no queen to protect, which makes them gentle and non-aggressive.

WELCOME BEES TO YOUR GARDEN - Many gardeners are welcoming mason bees into their yards to help solitary bee populations and help their gardens flourish. Unlike their hive-dwelling counterparts, mason bees live alone and peacefully help pollinate plants without fear of stings or aggression. Mason bees emerge from hibernation in early spring when temperatures reach 55+ degrees and need early spring blooms.

HOW YOU CAN HOST BEES - If you want the benefit of pollination, but not the hassle of fall maintenance, you can release bees and rent nesting blocks from Rent Mason Bees. Their program makes it easy to become a solitary bee host and will send you a starter kit with everything you need. Harvesting and cleaning the cocoons and blocks is a critical step when hosting solitary bees to remove harmful predators. When you rent, you send back the nesting blocks in the fall and they will take care of the maintenance and cleaning for you.

About RMB
Rent Mason Bees is the largest solitary bee provider in the country. Last season they cleaned over 3 million mason bees and 40 million leafcutter bees to help solitary bee populations thrive. www.RentMasonBees.com

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