Parenting Expert Shares Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready to Hit the Ground Running This School Year

It’s hard to believe but back-to-school season is already upon us and now is the perfect time to equip your kids with everything they need to take on the new school year.

Justine Santaniello, our Lifestyle & Parenting Expert, helps alleviate the stress that comes with back-to-school prep and shares ways that parents can set their kids up for success at the start of the new school year. She also provides tips on preparing fun lunch and snack ideas, time saving hacks, how to stay organized, and more!

  • SPICE UP LUNCHTIME: The tedious task of making kids’ school lunches gets old fast, so turn traditional lunch box treats into a fun and tasty experience. Spice things up to keep it interesting, add some pizzazz to the presentation, or prep the food in a different way. Make your kid the one everyone wants to trade lunches with! Tajin’s Seasonings and Sauces, including their Clásico Seasoning -- the #1 chili lime seasoning powder in the U.S.-- have great versatility and the ability to bring out the taste of various foods - from fruits and vegetables to snacks such as popcorn, dips, guacamole and many others, making them fan-favorites.
  • EYE EXAMINATIONS: Back-to-school season is the perfect time to get your kids' eyes checked to address any potential issues and give your child the best possible vision for success. Book a consultation for an eye exam prior to their first day so they’re ready to take on the year with clear eyes. Treehouse Eyes, the leading myopia management provider, offers the comprehensive Treehouse Vision System to slow down the progression of myopia. Untreated myopia can hinder your child's academic performance and well-being. With the right treatment, children can have improved focus and perform better in school and in extracurricular activities as their vision improves. They have partnerships with optometrists across 20 states, which means greater accessibility to an effective treatment plan. Take advantage by booking an appointment so you can give your child the best possible vision for success.
  • HOW TO SAVE TIME: Let your child pick out their own outfits for school! By making outfit selections the night before, you eliminate the morning battle AND it lets them express themselves. Also, try to get as much packed on the night before and make note of whatever needs to be packed in the morning so you don’t forget.
  • STAY ORGANIZED: Create an organized homework area, but let the kids be involved in its creation so it will be a space they want to be in. Parents should also do a few dry runs with the kids to their schools so they can see what the drive is like, and to get a sense of how long it truly takes to do morning drop offs.

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