Redefining Conversational AI: Rasa Launches Innovative Generative AI Platform Blending Pro-code and Low-code Development

Breaking barriers in AI technology, Rasa introduces a unique conversational AI platform reducing AI assistant building complexity to a minimum and combining pro-code and low-code development for maximum productivity.

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San Francisco, 12 October 2023, Rasa, a leading conversational AI technology provider, announced today the launch of its new Generative AI-native enterprise conversational platform. “For the first time, Rasa is democratizing generative AI, by making it accessible to enterprises in a manner that is fully transparent, reliable, and trustworthy. Rasa reduces the complexity of building AI assistants to a minimum and simultaneously ensures ease of use via an intuitive UI throughout the whole organization. “ Soufiane Houri, Chief Product Officer at Rasa.

Seizing the opportunity to provide natural-sounding interactions through automation, Conversational AI enhances customer engagement and experience. In industries such as banking, insurance, and telecommunications, focusing on optimal conversational customer experiences is essential:1 “Rasa's latest platform marks a revolutionary advancement in the realm of conversational AI. It effortlessly combines ease of use with advanced capabilities, and will enable us to securely leverage the potential of Large Language Models and create an even more intuitive conversational experience for our customers." - Franz Weisenburger, Head of Innovation at Deutsche Telekom Service.

At the core of the Rasa Platform is CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models), a hallucination-free generative AI-native approach for assistant building which dramatically improves assistant fluency and significantly minimizes building complexity. Using language models’ ability to reason, CALM enables enterprises to build smarter and more resilient assistants. These assistants automatically navigate through pre-established business logic or workflows, allowing customers to perform tasks and retrieve helpful information, sometimes simultaneously, providing a more natural-feeling conversational experience that aligns with company policies and stays true to your brand.

The Rasa platform offers two key components, Rasa Pro and Rasa Studio:

  • Rasa Pro, our open-core conversational AI framework, uses language models to facilitate next-level conversation understanding, dialogue management, and enterprise search, creating sophisticated conversational customer experiences in a secure and predictable setting. This framework equips enterprise customer experience teams with essential pre-built security, testing, analytics, and deployment capabilities at scale, empowering them to tailor their solution to meet unique infrastructure requirements and accelerate their time to value.
  • Building automated conversational workflows in Rasa Studio with our intuitive drag-and-drop UI has never been easier. We’ve broadened access to our platform for business users, enabling them to focus on designing the essence of the business logic and let our generative AI-native dialogue management system effortlessly handle the rest: interruptions, corrections, digressions, and more. To identify and capitalize on potential areas for continuous improvement, we offer a content management system and conversation review workflow which serve as monitoring tools for business experts.

Rasa provides a conducive environment for business and technical teams to collaborate, allowing them to focus on designing great user experiences and accelerating time-to-value. Leverage the pro-code flexibility offered by an open-core, as well as the project velocity of working with an intuitive low-code user interface.

To learn more, visit rasa.com/product/rasa-platform.

About Rasa
Rasa is the leading open generative conversational AI platform to build and deliver next-level AI assistants. With Rasa, brands can leverage the power of generative AI to create adaptive brand experiences for their users. By automating processes, improving customer satisfaction, and gathering valuable insights, Rasa enables brands to create exceptional customer interactions while reducing costs. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Rasa ensures data privacy, security, and scalability for enterprises. Rasa is privately held, with funding from Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, and Basis Set Ventures. www.rasa.com

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