Yamaha Unveils Next Generation MONTAGE M Synthesizer

Designed to inspire sound exploration, the new flagship synthesizer features category-leading technology to provide musicians with highly realistic imitative and creative sound

BUENA PARK, Calif. (Oct. 9, 2023) — Today, Yamaha announced the new MONTAGE M synthesizer, combining next-level amazing sound, new control dimensions for dynamic expression and seamless workflow integration between stage and studio. The new flagship product lineup - consisting of the 61-key MONTAGE M6 for synthesists, 76-key MONTAGE M7 for keyboardists, and 88-key with polyphonic aftertouch MONTAGE M8x for pianists - features the brand’s latest cutting-edge technologies to elevate expression.

Uniquely crafted to provide highly realistic, imitative and creative sound, MONTAGE M features a new AN-X Analog Engine and improved AWM2 Engine that, combined with the FM-X Engine, give a total of 400 notes total polyphony. Musicians can also achieve optimal workflow integration through its USB MIDI and audio interface, Expanded Softsynth Plug-in (ESP…coming in 2024) and faster and easier navigation.

The new MONTAGE M product lineup delivers innovative control dimensions for unique music-making, including new performance controls and a dedicated keyboard and scene control. The MONTAGE M8x includes these capabilities and adds polyphonic aftertouch, providing superior expressive capabilities.

Other notable features include 9.97 GB preset waveROM, 16 libraries (640 performances per library), 3.8 GB user flash memory, VCM Rotary Speaker and more.


The MONTAGE M will be available for pre-order starting October 9, 2023, at the following pricing:

  • MONTAGE M6: $3,499.99
  • MONTAGE M7: $3,999.99
  • MONTAGE M8x: $4,499.99

To learn more about the MONTAGE M synthesizers, please visit Yamaha.io/MONTAGEM

Valeria Hernandez
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