Access.  Reach.  Connect.

Say hello to ARC™.

Guaranteed to generate and engage audiences, The ARC™ Engagement Platform couples a branded microsite optimized for multimedia and viral sharing with strategic multi-channel distribution.

The ARC Engagement Platform is the only comprehensive online distribution platform designed to:

  • Generate viewership for your message by providing guaranteed clickthroughs
  • Target people interested in your message via organic search, social media and online content distribution
  • Engage target audiences with rich media content that builds brands, sells products and communicates information
  • Provide a platform for ongoing interaction with customers and other important audiences

The ARC includes an SEO-friendly HTML landing page and an Interactive Media Player (the player to your left) that can be updated along with your campaign.

Landing Page features:

  • The design of the landing page is customizable, so you can match the look to your brand and your creative
  • Customizable call-out boxes (see below) can be used however works best for your campaign: whether that is displaying a Twitter feed (as we’ve done here), highlighting a call to action, generating leads, or linking out to other websites and more…

Interactive Media Player features:

  • The Interactive Media Player itself is embeddable, which means that when you add new content (video, images, documents, links, etc.) it will instantly appear everywhere on the web that this player has been embedded.
  • You can create up to 5 unique tabs in the Player to house multimedia content including video, photos, documents, links, etc.

Distribution features:

  • National wire distribution to hundreds of media outlets and thousands of websites on CNW’s industry leading multimedia newswire
  • Strategic contextual, vertical, or behavioral web placements like banner ads and pre-roll to generate guaranteed clickthroughs to your ARC landing page 
  • Social media distribution to industry specific blogs and social media news sites

The ARC can be used in many different capacities for many different goals: as a social media release, as a multimedia news release, as an electronic press kit, as a content marketing delivery solution, or as a platform for ongoing interaction with customers.

The following types of campaigns will significantly benefit from the ARC’s audience generating features:

  • Product Launches
  • Product Contests
  • Call to Entry for Competitions
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Events or Tradeshows

Primed to best take advantage of this product are campaigns that have:

  • A message/announcement that will have a sustained shelf life with different stages
  • Content to highlight the different stages of the campaign (video files, images, PDFs, etc.)
  • A strong call to action with a clear purpose as to what you want your audience to do when they visit the ARC

Get maximum exposure and guaranteed results today. Contact your CNW account executive to find out more.

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