Appiphany Technologies OTCBB: APHD is a digital media entertainment corporation, specializing in advanced mobile device applications. The vision of Appiphany is to be a market leader as a technology entertainment company that blends the physical and virtual worlds with each product.

Recognizing the explosive popularity of UFC and other mixed martial arts brands, Appiphany Technologies is delivering the first kids brand for mixed martial arts, MMA Animals. The brand will market leveraging a mix of new technologies in mobile device gaming, enhanced books and digital media.

Appiphany is led by Jesse Keller, who for over the past years has successfully completed a seed round of financing that allowed for market research, conceptual design of MMA Animals and becoming a US publicly traded company.

The company expects to launch MMA Animals mobile games for the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad in Q3 of 2013 Following the launch of the mobile games, smart toys and augmented reality books will be available that interact with the mobile games. Literally, the pages and toys will come to life, when used with the MMA Animals mobile application.

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