2013 Canadian Suit Drive

Give a suit. CHANGE A LIFE.
Now in its fourth year, the Canadian Suit Drive benefits at-risk men transitioning into the workforce. Donate your gently-used professional attire and give a man a chance to transform his life.

Accepting donations July 1–31, 2013
As the unemployment rate remains high, the need for supportive programs focusing on job training and employment services for the underserved male population is critical.  Without them, many transitioning men would be left alone as they work hard on their journey to find gainful employment.

The Canadian Suit Drive makes it simple for you to lend your support  to these men by giving them a look they can feel proud of–just what they need to feel confident walking into a job interview.

All donations go directly to local program participants taking a significant step closer to self-sufficiency and improving their lives from the inside out.
Clothing donations from the community will be collected at each of our Moores store locations. Canadian Suit Drive recipient organizations are identified and selected in the local communities our stores serve.

Spread the Word
Help raise an additional $10,000 for the cause by letting your social network know that you support the #SuitDrive. We’ll donate $1 (up to $10,000) each time you do!

From July 1-31, Canadians can donate their gently used men’s suits, shirts, jackets, pants, ties, belts and shoes at any of Moores over 100 stores across Canada. Collected items will go directly to local organizations providing job readiness programs for men seeking employment. As a token of appreciation, donors will receive 50% off their next purchase* from Moores. * Restrictions apply. See coupon for details.

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