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Live on-site webcasting and teleconferencing services

Connect and Extend your key event to your audience through MultiVu’s Industry leading Webcast Services

Whether you’re conducting an earnings call with shareholders, want to invite customers and prospects to learn more about a new product or service you’ve recently launched or simply have a message that you’d like to share in an interactive fashion, webcasts provide a dynamic and effective platform for communication.

MultiVu offers a variety of different service options to ensure we are matching our expertise with whatever your needs may be.

Live On-Site Video Webcasting is the most effective way to reach out to target audiences with your important message. It’s an ideal way to open up Annual Shareholder meetings, Analyst days, CEO or Executive presentations, Press Conferences, internal communications, tradeshow presentations and new product launches to a larger audience of your target market.

Live On-Site Audio Webcasting is an effective and economical way to reach out to customers with your important message. It too can also to open up any corporate event to a larger overall audience, allowing you to key in on any target market.

Conference Call Webcasting is an effective and easy way to reach out to any target audience with your important message. Conference Call Webcasting gives you a huge opportunity to express your audio presentation to many potential listeners in a more basic way.

Teleconferencing Services can bring your message to life through the power of verbal communication and interaction. With an array of features and multiple functionality options, teleconferencing offers a valuable outlet through which you can share your message and engage your audience – in an interpersonal setting.


All of our webcast services include these core features

Live streaming of your event (Encoding, Hosting & Serving)
Multi-stream formats (Windows Media Player & Flash)
Custom event page with branded URL
Two (2) national Webcast Notification Releases

One-year archival
Registration page with reporting
Various interactive components
Ability to implement password protection

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