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  • The PPG Pittsburgh Paints 2015 Color of the Year, Blue Paisley, is enthusiastically positive and represents possibility. The color has global ties, a bohemian flare and is reminiscent of mosaic stones.
  • Good Life emphasizes an earthen spirit and a respect for simplicity to uncover the maximum harmony between man-made and the natural environment.
  • Good Life
  • A mix of urban neutrals and single bright colors gives I’m Pulse a vibrant and playful theme that emphasizes the consumer who takes control of design.
  • I’m Pulse
  • Time-worn hues, once-brightly colored mosaics and the 2015 Color of the Year, Blue Paisley, make up Co-Leidoscope, inspired by the luxury of global travel and the taste of the exotic.
  • Co-Leidoscope
  • Blending clean, pared-down designs with quiet nature, IntroSense introduces a new direction in minimalistic styling with elements that are calming, quiet and muffled.
  • Introsense

Blue Paisley Named 2015 Color of the Year by PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS’ THE VOICE OF COLOR Program

Homeowners search for unique ways to set tone for entire year ahead; find inspiration in possible harmony, creative, worldly and quality possibilities

/ PR Newswire / — The PPG Pittsburgh Paints® brand today named Blue Paisley, a lavish, almost-but-not-quite royal shade of blue as its 2015 Color of the Year. Experts from PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG), makers of PPG Pittsburgh Paints products, anticipate Blue Paisley to play a prominent role in the home décor trends for the coming year as homeowners look to positively influence their lives and decisions with vibrant hues.
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Homeowners are seeking home décor inspiration from multiple regions and influences, capable of transforming the home into a glamorous fusion of worldly possibilities. Selecting colors that signify a global eclecticism, such as Blue Paisley (PPG1328-6), aids in the translation of a homeowner’s rich collection of experiences into equally rich home décor options. Blue Paisley is one of the featured colors presented in Possibility, a collection of four new color palettes showcasing the 2015-2016 color trends for THE VOICE OF COLOR® program.

“In observing the purchase behavior of homeowners, a single overarching idea became evident – we are now looking to set the tone for the year ahead using vibrant yet stylish colors that play off our unique experiences and tap into our desire for global eclecticism that mixes natural and manmade themes,” said Dee Schlotter, National Color Marketing Manager, PPG Pittsburgh Paints program. “We are experiencing the popularity of the soft blue shade across all markets, such as home décor, automotive and electronics, making it a clear PPG Color of the Year selection.”

While Possibility is an endless term, PPG’s color stylists from around the world collaborated to form the overarching idea behind the four new palettes – setting the tone for the entire year ahead. The notion of Possibilities develops individually within each of the four themed palettes, enabling homeowners to select color combinations that project their personal hopes, aspirations and experiences for the coming year. Whether it’s a vibrant, friendly green like Jewel Weed (PPG1230-5), a fiery and bright coral like Firecracker (PPG1190-6), or a sophisticated, sunny peach like Copper River (PPG1196-5), consumers are encouraged to use colors that set the pace of the coming year accompanied by the Possibilities it holds.

“As the world becomes more globally connected, our desire to explore the world around us, taking in the unique sights and colors of our natural surroundings, has grown considerably,” Schlotter added. “Whether it’s recognizing the contrasts of our manmade environment versus what nature provides as a way to identify the simple, earthen spirit through natural muted tones, or embracing the bold and expressive hues of a self-centric and artistic being, the desire to recognize the possibility of what’s ahead is appealing.”

The four new Possibility trend palettes in The Voice of Color program for 2015-2016 are available at dealers of PPG Pittsburgh Paints products across the United States. These palettes are:

Good Life
Possible Harmony
This trend is the birth child of manmade coastal regions and earthy natural environments, complete with an earthen spirit, respect for simplicity and a mission to uncover an optimal balance with life. Bringing fresh floral colors from nature together with soft neutrals from the earth and rich blues from the sea encourages the expression of natural ruggedness in the home. Earthen composite materials, often derived from organic sources, serve as inspiration for this palette’s variety of naturally bold hues.

Unpretentious browns and pinks accompanied by coastal blues and yellows create a lively and natural full color palette. Some of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors included in this 30-shade palette are Honey Graham (PPG1069-5), Silver Dollar (PPG1022-3), Bordeaux (PPG1055-7), Bermuda (PPG1150-6) and Sheffield (PPG1139-5).

I’m Pulse
Creative Possibilities
This palette is self-centric, bold, expressive and artistic, dominated by its variety of bold hues and flanked by its softened brights and urban neutrals. The concrete greys pair beautifully with the intensely colorful hues, while the softer brights are particularly impactful against the demanding blacks. Creative spirits from around the world with an interest in manipulating, altering and producing digitally sourced designs will undoubtedly be drawn to the vast color offerings included in this palette. References to pop, abstract, impressionist, classic and digital art can be found in the intense yellows, hot blues, burnt pinks and sultry greens.

Spirited neon-inspired colors paired with a twist on neutrals, bring the 30-shade color collection together to create a daring palette full of digital inspiration. The versatile hues included in this palette are capable of being used alone or as part of a layered design. Several of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors in this palette are Briquette (PPG1218-6), Orange Poppy (PPG1196-7), Crushed Pineapple (PPG1213-7), Leap Frog (PPG1225-7), Sorcerer (PPG1240-5) and Whirlwind (PPG1013-3).

Worldly Possibilities
This trend focuses on a growing global eclecticism that is ethnicity-inclusive, culture-inclusive and co-existence-inclusive. The glamorous fusion of worldly possibilities is conveyed in the deep jewel toned purples and greens, spicy reds and golden yellows. A balanced mix of colored darks and faded mid-tones are a result of inspiration sought from the time-worn hues of once-brightly colored mosaics, encountered by countless individuals in their travels. The palette as a whole draws inspiration from multiple worldly regions and influences, while its luxurious overtone adds charisma that lends well to the ever-evolving gypsy jetsetter, or “gypset,” consumer.

The palette features the Color of the Year, Blue Paisley (1238-6). A sampling of the other 29 PPG Pittsburgh Paints paint colors featured in this palette include Ruby Lips (PPG1052-7), Gothic Gold (PPG1208-7), Blue Bayberry (PPG1149-7), Deep Emerald (PPG1148-7), Royal Indigo (PPG1174-7) and Night Rendezvous (PPG1037-5).

Quality Possibilities
The blending of nature, solid design and technology creates the “Introsence” palette, full of calming, soulful shades. Zen neutrals coordinated with easygoing blues and indulgent pinks simplify the homeowner’s quest for privacy, anonymity, timelessness, quality and peace. Part of the uniqueness of this 28-shade palette stems from its nuanced neutral shades, which are actually less-than-neutral colors including pinks, purples and blues, mellowed out by their grey, brown, black, taupe and beige undertones. The other standout feature of this palette is its soft tints, created to add an inimitable factor of serene sensibility. As a whole, this trend palette serves as an introduction to a new direction in minimalistic styling that blends clean, pared-down designs with quiet nature.

The soft blues, greens, pinks, purples and coral hues paired against the light neutrals yields a soothing new direction that plays out in architecture, automotives, tech products and more. Several of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints paint colors in this palette include Lost Love (PPG1047-2), Ancestral (PPG1047-4), Irradiant Iris (PPG1171-3), Spruce Shade (PPG1136-5), Sahara Sun (PPG1064-6) and Carob Chip (PPG1047-7).

Each of the four Possibility trend palettes fully embodies the unique consumer striving to express their optimisms for the year ahead through home décor selections. While technology has undoubtedly become an inevitable component of daily life, each of the four themes personifies technology in its own unique way. For example, Good Life incorporates the styling of technology for purposes of making usage easier and friendlier by implementing simple shapes in optimistic colorways. I’m Pulse recognizes that just as technology allows users to add and update in real-time, homeowners should be able to add and upgrade various elements of design as they please. The realization that tech products now fulfill a fashion need rather than a mere functionality need encompasses the global traveling persona of the Co-Leidescope theme. Introsense recognizes that the styling emphasis of tech products generally takes rounded form to indicate softness rather than intimidation.

The 2015-2016 Possibility trend palettes, along with 2,000 additional colors in The Voice of Color program, are available in any of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints paint lines, including PURE PERFORMANCE® paint – a premium-quality paint brand that has zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the base paint* and low odor during application and drying – and MANOR HALL® paint and Manor Hall TIMELESS® paint – super-premium-performance paints offering superior coverage and a brighter finish than competing brands.

To learn more about PPG Pittsburgh Paints products and The Voice of Color program, and to find the dealer nearest you, please visit www.ppgvoiceofcolor.com.

*Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice.

PPG Color Leadership
PPG employs more than 20 color stylists around the world, each specializing in different markets, who collaborate to determine styles and color trends for the home, electronics and automobiles. PPG’s unique position as a color leader in multiple markets enables it to observe and translate emerging global color trends for its customers’ applications – from consumer goods to automotive color, from residential to commercial to industrial design. Visit the new website at www.ppgcolorshare.com to see how color impacts PPG’s businesses and its customers.

About The Voice of Color Program
The Voice of Color program is a design system based on the premise that every color has an emotional association and that individuals are drawn to different colors for reasons inherently tied to their unique personalities. The Voice of Color program offers an engaging online experience to help homeowners discover Harmony color families and palettes that reflect their personalities and complement their styles. Palettes are presented in signature five-color Harmony chips to coordinate colors for all the décor elements in a space. The Voice of Color program also features exclusive color collections that offer style inspiration (such as Hacienda Style, Historic Colors, FALLINGWATER(R)-Inspired Colors), designer favorites and expert advice. For more information or to order color tools and resources, visit www.voiceofcolor.com.

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