Dell Hero


Thobani Nxumalo

Thobani Nxumalo, age 21, actuarial mathematics major from Johannesburg (South Africa)
“There is a greater focus now on having the ability to use modern technology and also being open to learning new types of technology and being able to adapt with the trends.“

Jake Zimmer

Jake Zimmer, age 21, management major/sociology minor from Connecticut (USA)
“Having the latest technology at work is pretty much everything. As someone about to enter the workforce, I want every opportunity to gain exposure to the latest technology and really have a deep understanding that’s going to put me ahead in the long run.”

Kasheka Chitkara

Kasheka Chitkara, age 21, management major/information systems and analytics minor from Massachusetts (USA)
"The more technology you are familiar with, the more of an asset you can be to a company."

Jahnavi Muppaneni

Jahnavi Muppaneni, age 22, corporate communications and journalism major from Texas (USA)
“There were some soft skills I had to learn on my own such as critical thinking and interacting with team members. That is something that is downplayed when we focus so much on using technology. We lose the interaction that we need to have with teammates and customers.”

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