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Hunter Douglas, celebrating 100 years of innovation and design

Toronto, Canada – May 28, 2019 – Hunter Douglas, the world’s leading manufacturer of custom window treatments, has reached a major milestone, 100 years in business.

Their story of design and innovation began in 1919 when Henry Sonnenberg founded a machine-tool manufacturing company in Europe. By cultivating relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and industrialists, his small business gradually expanded and evolved to become the industry leader it is today.

A century in the business has seen Hunter Douglas become the leading source of advanced, beautifully crafted window fashions, which are now found in homes around the world. They have produced some of the most innovative product breakthroughs on the market with an extensive portfolio of versatile shades, shutters, sheers and blinds—all designed and custom crafted in North America.

“A major part of our success is seeing beyond the basic function of a window covering – to simply block out light or provide privacy, and really use technology and innovation to craft a multi-faceted product. Our goal is to transform the light filtering through your home with exceptional design,” says Nicole Patterson, Director of Marketing at Hunter Douglas.

Lighting can change everything in a room – the colours, the ambiance, the comfort – and only Hunter Douglas, through innovation and technology, let’s you take control of these elements with beautifully filtered light.

“Just like taking the right vitamins and getting adequate exercise, the right amount of light is proving to be essential for optimal heath. Our Duette® LightLock™ system fits securely into a window’s frame and is the only system of its kind to provide such a complete darkening effect,” says Ms. Patterson.

This effect is achieved due to the innovative U-shaped side channels of the Duette® LightLock™ system. It features a black, ridged interior surface that traps and absorbs light of all strengths and from all angles, leaving rooms nearly dark for a restful sleep.

Nothing turns a house into a home quite like the impact of style, design and light. Now, reaching their 100th anniversary, it’s time to celebrate the textiles and technology that makes Hunter Douglas shades the most innovative in the industry, and which allow you to ‘Own the Light’.

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About Hunter Douglas
Founded in 1919, Hunter Douglas is the world’s leading manufacturer of window coverings, and is a major manufacturer of architectural products. With the ability to develop innovative, high quality, proprietary products, the Hunter Douglas name can be found in millions of homes and commercial buildings around the globe. While known for the art of window styling, collaborations with architects have helped Hunter Douglas create some of the world’s most iconic and energy efficient buildings, bringing together style, function and energy conservation.