July Systems sets the Standard for Enterprise Location Based Services with Proximity MX

“Proximity MX enables enterprises to connect with the visitors and customers where it matters the most, their physical business locations. The most impactful decisions made by consumers is in-location”, said Nitesh Trikha, SVP products July Systems, who recently joined July Systems from Cisco Systems Inc.

Today, the biggest customer engagement challenge for enterprises is scaling up their Location Based Service (“LBS”) solutions across multiple locations with disparate IT infrastructures. Proximity MX eliminates the complexity by allowing enterprises to use their existing wireless infrastructure (WiFi, Bluetooth Beacons or GPS) or leverage any planned new infrastructure investments. The value of Proximity MX is huge. For as low as $100 per year per WiFi access point and only half a cent per LBS engagement, enterprises can now not only achieve their multi-channel engagement goals, but also collect valuable customer behavior insights at their locations," Nitesh added.

“July Systems has always led the market transitions in mobility innovation. Starting in the early 2000s during the days of carrier controlled data access, to the mobile app era, omni-channel era, and now to the current transition of enterprise-controlled location engagement. Enterprises now want to connect their current online digital world into their physical business locations where consumers are already eager to engage with the enterprise if it is an efficient and seamless process. July Systems’ latest innovation, Proximity MX, enables enterprises to deeply understand the customer’s physical location behaviors, correlate them with their existing digital knowledge about the customers, and then engage the customer in the most effective way at a time and location where it's needed the most”, said Rajesh Reddy, Founder & President, July Systems.


“July Systems’ long history in building leading edge and massively scalable mobile experience and engagement clouds for global brands combined with patent pending technology form the core foundation of Proximity MX. Earlier versions of the solution have already been deployed at hundreds of locations for leading enterprises across the globe. Proximity MX is currently powering over 4 million customer engagements across multinational hotel chains, malls, retail stores, stadiums, convention centers, banks as well as train stations. Proximity MX is therefore one of the most mature solution offerings in the otherwise nascent LBS market, and therefore an ideal choice for enterprise class deployments at scale ”, said BJ Arun, CEO of July Systems.

With Proximity MX, enterprises can add huge value to their brand/customer interactions:

  • Transform their digital customer engagement at their location by delivering compelling and targeted brand experiences across devices based on customers’ past and real time behavior that improve customer acquisition and retention and maximize profitable customer growth
  • Acquire customers irrespective of whether or not the customer is an active native application user of the brand, thereby increasing reach to potentially 100% of visitors to the physical locations
  • Gain actionable insights on customers and their engagement patterns to create a strong feedback loop to act upon the rich profile of customer behavior
  • Trigger multichannel LBS notifications (SMS, EMAIL, APP NOTIFY, CAPTIVE PORTAL triggered by WiFi, BLE, GPS)
  • Unify location and online information of customer by easily integrating with enterprise/CRM systems through proximity MX cloud APIs to gain holistic view for physical retargeting and much more

Proximity MX is offered in the following 3 packages to help you get started quickly and see results, no matter where you are in your LBS Journey

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About July Systems: Founded in 2001, July Systems is an industry leader in mobile experience and engagement platforms. An award winning and a preferred mobile platform partner for enterprises across the globe, we are bringing together disparate elements of the mobile ecosystem – network infrastructure providers, service providers, OEMs/phone OS platforms, and most importantly, the business owners. Our Proximity MX platform with unmatched scalability and reliability, is the result of this journey, and is revolutionizing location based services.

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