WFAN to enable women towards the path of financial independence

WFAN to enable women towards the path of financial independence

In another exclusive collaboration, WFAN has partnered with It’s a Habit Inc, USA for their children and money wellness program. It’s a Habit Inc was launched by Sam Renick in the year 2000. His ‘Sammy Rabbit’ program for children has impacted an estimated 2,50,000 young minds in the age group of 3-13 years, across the US. You can read more about the existing program here

Lastly, the path towards Holistic Financial Wellness Programs – Trainer, is covered by Life & Money, based on a curriculum designed keeping in mind the teachings from Richard Thaler’s ‘Nudge’. You can know more about the existing onsite and online programs here

Women can become members and participate across the four paths to access earning capabilities through these in a fee only model. Each path involves a two-day live training program followed by access to the online network and platform and coaches.

All these efforts together will not only result in bridging the gender gap by bringing more women into the workforce through micro-entrepreneurship but also improve the financial awareness of the overall community by sharing this knowledge through coaching programs cutting through various age groups.

About WFAN:

Partha Iyengar, co-founder of Life and Money has been following the work and practices of his role model and mentor, Sheryl Garrett at The Garrett Planning Network. Iyengar is an experienced Trainer and Financial Life Planner. Iyengar has pioneered the fee-only model in Financial Life Planning in India. His unique Financial Wellness and Life Planning programs for millennials and financial advisers impacted thousands of participants. The idea of spreading this awareness and training to empower women has now taken shape through WFAN.

Iyengar hopes to reach as many women as possible in an endeavour to make them self-reliant entrepreneurs, who can then share their own learning through the coaching skills acquired in the four paths defined by WFAN and help their clients to lead a rich and balanced life.

The six UN Sustainable Development Goals that WFAN has aligned itself with are, good health and wellbeing, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequalities and partnerships for the goals.

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