• Erreà 3DWear line has been conceived by analyzing the solicitations caused by every type of sports
  • errea’ 3dwear official technical partner of french team stade toulousain
  • Rugby players dress technical underwear to improve their performances
  • errea’ active tense improves joint stability of stade toulousain players, both during training sessions and official matches


Excellence designed for champions, yet always at your service

PARMA, Italy, 08 December 2014 - Erreà 3DWear is proud to join forces with Stade Toulousain and its players in the most important time of the season.

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Erreà 3DWear technical base layer line features the most sophisticated and innovative fabrics. Stade Toulousain's players wear it to improve their performance during matches, when each single molecule of energy is needed to confront the hardest adversaries and fight fatigue.

The agreement between Erreà 3DWear and the Stade Toulousain was signed last May. For the next 4 seasons Erreà Sport - an Italian company specialising in the manufacturing of sportswear since 1988 - will be at the French team's side with its technical base layer line of garments. It is a perfect combination: on the one hand the tradition expressed by the most qualified European and French rugby union club, and on the other the passion for product research demonstrated by our company, which endeavours each and every day to improve its own products to ensure the best conditions possible to its athletes, so that they may keep winning and achieving their goals.

Erreà 3DWear has designed a range of customised products for Stade Toulousain, characterised by areas with different muscular compression and breathability inside the garments. Thanks to their special structure, the Tech+ line sets improve blood circulation and favour the reabsorption of lactic acid, ensuring athletes additional energy and the best performances.

Furthermore, another range of unique products has been added to the Erreà base layer line. The Active Tense line: highly technical posture shirts, featuring an elastic natural resin structure (exoskeleton) that improves joint stability and muscular function in the areas affected by the compressive action of the fibre, thus correcting posture.

Erreà 3DWear is proud to support Stade Toulousain. The French team represents the history of the international rugby world: 4 Heineken Cups, 19 French titles, 5 National Championships... these are merely the most important trophies conquered by this prestigious team. An inevitable outcome when - as it is with Erreà - achieving excellence is a permanent goal. 

Thanks to its right mix of breathability, thermal protection, comfort and durability, the Erreà 3DWear line is also the best way to express all the energy and the strength one needs to win yet another Heineken Cup but also, of course, to simply enjoy the sport one loves, while feeling comfortable and at ease in any situation and weather condition.

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