Elevate Your Work from Home Space with Kichler Lighting
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Elevate Your Work from Home Space with Kichler Lighting

INDEPENDENCE, OHIO (September 2, 2020) – As of late, the home office or den has taken on a new life. From a space that was once used primarily for after-hours or weekend tasks, or as a quiet escape from the chaos, the office has now become one of the most utilized parts of the home. In fact, it has transformed into a shared environment, used throughout the day and evening and by school-aged children, for socially distanced learning. To ensure that your space is functional and optimized for everyone in the home, it is important to consider, not only the right furniture for the space, but also, proper lighting solutions.

Proper Lighting Promotes Productivity

When working or learning at home, it’s easy to become too comfortable and distracted by your surroundings. A well-lit and dedicated office or work space that everyone can utilize – whether it’s professional tasks or virtual learning via Zoom on a computer; a space to create arts and crafts; or a reading nook with a book or tablet – will allow for better concentration and minimal eye strain.

First, consider light layering to bring brightness to every inch of your work space. To accomplish this, select an ambient lighting element, such as the Kichler Lighting Zeo LED 10" Flush Mount in Brushed Nickel. Next, add accent lighting, such as the Ellerbeck™ 1-Light Wall Sconce in Black, to add personality and flair to your lighting scheme. Finally, select task lighting such as Kichler’s 8T LED Tape Light to improve functionality. Tape light can be installed under cabinets or work stations, and allows you to incorporate a variety of color temperatures and lumens, or light intensities. The simple addition of a dimmer switch also lets you soften or brighten your surroundings with light, based on your preference.

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Customize Your Space

In addition to functionality, when designing a long-term home work environment, incorporating your own style and comfort elements are key.

Express your personality with pieces that match your style and design preferences. For a farmhouse look that makes a statement, try the Botanica 5-Light Chandelier in Anvil Iron or, if you desire more of a Mid-Century vibe, add a “sputnik” style like the Armstrong 8-Light Chandelier in Black.

Kichler Lighting also has options to help create a comfortable work environment. To add air flow, integrate a ceiling fan into your space such as the Starkk LED 52" Fan in Satin Black for its clean, strong lines. For a more industrial look, try the Hatteras Bay™ LED 52” Fan in Anvil Iron.

Color Temperature & Lighting Effect

The right lighting can also do wonders for wellness. According to Architect Magazine, humans have evolved to operate on a 24-hour schedule and are tuned to respond to natural light cues. This means that, while LED lighting complements natural daytime light, using dimmers to manage light can simulate the sun rising and setting and keep our bodies in a natural rhythm throughout the early morning and evening. These lighting effects truly make all the difference for your lifestyle and space.

At home, take control of your work space to discover the optimum color temperature for your lighting. The Correlated Color Temperature, or CCT, is defined in degrees of Kelvin, with warm colors corresponding to a lower CCT value (2400K), and cooler or blueish light is associated with higher CT values (10,000K). Kichler Lighting notes that 3000K, a cool, pure white color, is ideal for workspaces because of its closeness to morning light. Pro Tip: to create ambiance and comfort, make sure to use the same color temperature throughout a room.

For more tips on how lighting can create the optimal workspace, visit kichlerlighting.com.

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