Committed to enacting change, baby brand disrupts the category with new campaign

SAN FRANCISCO (October 12, 2021) – With its new campaign, baby products brand Babyganics is acknowledging and challenging today’s cultural conversation of what it means to be a “perfect” parent. “Here’s to Perfectly Imperfect Parenting” defies the concept of parental perfection and presents new brand commitments from Babyganics rooted in support and action.

Identifying a gap between how the baby category talks about parenting and how parents talk about parenting, Babyganics calls attention to the issue with an apology – a “Sorry” letter to parents across the nation that addresses its role in parenting and encourages caregivers to stop striving for unrealistic parenting goals. The centerpiece of the campaign is a :60 brand film, “Wheels,” a humorous sing-along spot that celebrates perfectly imperfect parenting.

“Here’s to Perfectly Imperfect Parenting” leverages consumer insights and represents a progression in the conversation Babyganics has established within the parenting community. The campaign addresses real-life experiences the brand continues to hear from parents: two out of three parents feel like advertisements targeting them today don’t accurately represent their own personal experience as a parent. Furthermore, 62% of parents say they have felt pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations often set by peers and society*.

Through a 360-degree national campaign, Babyganics is celebrating real parenting – from embracing and including all diverse definitions of family, to acknowledging the daily challenges all families face. “Here’s to Perfectly Imperfect Parenting” depicts the incredible labor of love and realization that parenting is not a fairy tale, rather a hero’s journey – one that praises bravery, ingenuity, absurdity, diligence, sacrifice, hope, and community.


Babyganics is taking real action to help support parents’ well-being through tangible commitments. Among its promises to parents, Babyganics will shift focus to family well-being by depicting real, non-sugar-coated moments and going directly to moms and dads for an honest look at the best and hardest job in the world – parenting.

Babyganics products are another proof point of its commitments. The brand is dedicated to taking care of kids so parents can take care of themselves. Through bath & body, diapering, outdoor and homecare options, Babyganics helps parents feel at ease and better enjoy the journey of parenthood. To see how Babyganics is committed to parents’ well-being. Please visit www.babyganics.com/commitments.

*OnePoll Survey of 2,000 parents with children ages 0-6, conducted September 2021

About Babyganics
Babyganics was founded in 2002 by two dads who loved to watch their babies explore and get dirty. We know firsthand that every floor is a playground, a diaper change can change the world and some books are better licked, not read. And we also know, whether your little one is a baby, a tot or a big kid, it takes bravery (and a sense of humor) to get through each day. We know that the pressure to do it all perfectly is perched way too high. And we know you’re doing your best, and that’s more than enough. Parents have enough to worry about – products shouldn’t be on that list. That’s why Babyganics doesn’t test on animals or uses certain ingredients – sulfates, phthalates, parabens or synthetic fragrances to name a few. Babyganics favors effective, plant-derived & organic ingredients wherever feasible. And when it’s not feasible, we make careful choices on the ingredients we use. We do keep all families in mind when developing our products, and we do plan to stay right by your side with everything you need but a good night’s sleep.

Babyganics apologizes to parents everywhere, celebrates perfectly imperfect parenting.