Discusses potential targeting of election offices and citizens with disinformation

St. Petersburg, FL, February 8, 2024 – TechTalk Summits’ multiday event, IMPACT 2024: The Future of Business, rounded out its final day with a discussion of the possibilities of AI having profound affects on the 2024 election. Serious Insights analyst, Daniel W. Rasmus, presented the audience of C-suite technology professionals with compelling scenarios of how election mischief and misinformation could be perpetrated by AI.

Days one and two featured TechTalk’s research analyst partner, IDC, four-time #1 global analyst firm, 2020-2023*. Subject matter ranged from AI Transformation, Models and Platforms, Security, Trust and Governance, to AI-Ready Infrastructure, as well as Applications and Use Cases, from IDC’s leading minds in AI and ML.

Mr. Rasmus, the author of Listening to the Future, is a strategist and industry analyst who has helped clients put their future in context. He uses scenarios to analyze trends in society, technology, economics, the environment, and politics. He is a frequent contributor to technology news publications as well -- his most recent article discusses How AI Will Change Collaboration.

Mr. Rasmus’s presentation closes out the conference with “AI and the 2024 Election” on TechTalk Summits’ YouTube channel following closing day of the event. He looks at the emergent uses of AI in the 2024 election, and the potential targeting of election offices and citizens with disinformation, information request harassments, and phishing attacks looking to steal campaign donations.

"Most people have made up their minds about the 2024 election. Research shows that most people click on legitimate sources of information. But because of the high profile of AI at the moment, AI in elections will likely garner outsized coverage based on its real impact on the election outcome. The long-term threat from 2024 campaign disinformation will come from the seeds of doubt about what is the truth, making it easier for public figures to claim it is false,” said Rasmus.

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* Analyst Firm of the Year 2020-2024, IIAR (Institute of Influencer and Analyst Relations)

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