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Summer Pet Care & Safety

Summer Pet Care & Safety

This has been anything but a typical year, and many of us are spending a lot more time around our pets. As we look to enjoy the last few weeks of Summer and are getting ready for Fall, it is very important to consider the care our pets will need to be safe, comfortable, and happy!

Whether at home or on the road, our nationally recognized Pet Advocate and ‘Puppy Bowl’ Referee Dan Schachner can share pet care and safety tips that will keep the whole family happy and safe.

  • MESS AND ACCIDENT-PRONE PETS? Whether you’re hanging with your pets at home or taking them on the road this summer, be sure to bring along the proper cleaning tool to tackle messes of all kind! Dirt, mud, accidents, and more - the BLACK+DECKER spillbuster™ Cordless Spill + Spot Cleaner provides untouchable performance for untouchable messes. Spillbuster picks up wet and chunky messes made by pets with noticeable results in 3 seconds or less! The built-in formula dispenser and scrub brush help lift tough stains from carpet, upholstery, hardwoods tile and more keeping your space clean and tidy.
  • TRICK OR TREAT! Treats can be a great way to keep dogs healthy, motivated, and well-behaved. Whether as a training aid or simply as a reward for being so cute – treats can be a great way to build a loving relationship with your dog. There are lots of treat choices, but we recommend to always check the ingredients in every dog treat: make sure you can identify real, natural ingredients when reading the label. When introducing a new treat to your dog, always offer tiny bits to start to make sure they do not have any sensitivities to a new ingredient. You also may want to make sure the product is made in the US to ensure the treats are made to the highest food production standards. One such company, Phelps Pet Products, has been the ‘behind-the-scenes’ U.S. producer of many popular branded and private label dog treats for over 50 years. Their new Wellness Collection features great-tasting meat jerky recipes including proven “functional” ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint issues and pre and pro-biotics to aid with good digestive health – and they have a sense of humor with packaging that offers engaging product names including “Hip, Hip, Hooray!”, “Fur Real?!”, “Gut Check”, and my favorite…”Squirrel!” Since dogs today are living twice as long as ever, and over 70% of pet parents currently look for products to provide a healthier lifestyle for their pets, this new line is perfect for today’s pets.
  • TRAVELING WITH PETS? Always check the hotel’s online pet policy and check out their reviews to see truly how “pet-friendly” the accommodations will be. You also should find out if there a designated dog relief area and how close the nearest dog park is.

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